Can I Change the Date of Birth After I Gain Admission? -

Can I Change the Date of Birth After I Gain Admission?

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Some candidates will face problems with their dates of birth (DOB). Some will have errors in the dates of birth on their WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB. Some won't have one on those, but right on their JAMB registrations and results. 

Whichever application contains a mistake in the date of birth, you're in a serious mess. Then, you want to know the way out. 

This poses the question of whether you can change the date of birth after gaining admission. Will your school help you change, edit or correct the date of birth, after gaining admission?

In this, post we get work to do.

Mistakes in the Date of Birth Are Not Meant to Be Corrected After Admission

If you make mistake in the date of birth on your SSCE result or JAMB registration through the NIN, the solution is not to wait till you're offered admission before you correct that.

In fact, the solution should be to correct those errors before you're admitted. How and why?

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Correcting Errors in DOB on O'level Results

If noticed before you complete writing your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB, you should talk about it with your school exam officer and school principal. These people would file the notice with the examiner and the exam body will correct that before your result is finally released.

However, if you have missed this opportunity, you can visit the state office of the exam body, accompanied by an official letter from your school. This approach could only work with NECO and NABTEB for now, as WAEC has discontinued changing the date of birth after releasing results and certificates.

Whether it's NECO GCE, or NABTEB GCE, you may not worry about the official letter from any school or center. You should go to the office yourself for help. Similarly, WAEC may no longer entertain editing of date of birth.

If all attempts fail, you may resolve to back up your result, of this error, with a court affidavit. This is an officially recognized document, sworn at a court of law, that some bodies will accept in case of conflicts in any of your papers about the date of birth.

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Correcting Errors In the Date of Birth on JAMB Registration/Result

As for errors in the JAMB registration and result, you can correct the date of birth errors at the nearest JAMB office. But before going there, you have to correct the same mistake on your National ID card (NIN) and waited a few weeks to be sure it's reflected on the NIMC's official database if you don't want JAMB to reject the application.

The admission and matriculation board will usually want to see the mistake corrected on the NIN and check if it's reflected on the NIMC's database before they will approve the same for its activities. Otherwise, the application will be turned down (disapproved).

Similarly, if the correction isn't possible with JAMB too, a court affidavit can be used where it would be considered as a backup.

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Your School May Be Kind To Correct the Date Of Birth After Admitting You

In the past, I've seen students with a date of birth mistakes being helped by the school ICT to correct such errors. Especially if the same mistake is repeated in the post UTME/screening form, the school ICT may handle it from its end at a fee or free.

Some schools, such as The Polytechnic Ibadan, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, etc. usually leave a link to make a payment if you wish to edit your submitted data on the admission/application portal.

Similarly, after being admitted, schools will usually open portals for freshers to fill out their freshmen forms. With that, each candidate will have access to his or her own student portal. While filling out this form, you may take that chance to correct any errors coming from JAMB or SSCE on the school database. 

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Being Able to Correct the Date of Birth After Admission Doesn't Change the Errors in Other Documents

When growing the fear of errors in your date of birth, you're likely aware of the future implications of things.

For some people, the date of birth on their JAMB results will hunt them when it's time to go for NYSC. If the error increased your age and forced you to be more than 30 years by the year of graduation/mobilization, you may not be mobilized for NYSC.

For some people, the date o birth on their WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB certificate may have some negative reflection when seeking jobs or during career screening. Some employers, especially the government, will want your date of birth to align across all papers. For example, the date of birth on WAEC should tally with the birth certificate/declaration of age and your NYSC certificate.

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So, What is the Best Way Out?

Let me agree with you that you can get an affidavit as already covered in the post. That will work for some applications and screenings. Some official needs may look down on it, however. So, I wish you luck!

If you want the best way out, try to solve all the problems before gaining admission or after gaining admission. Make sure your date of birth aligns across the board.

JAMB and O'level results' date of birth may get serious as all these applications are getting interwoven. O'level result's date of birth will tell in searching for jobs and your career journey. JAMB's date of birth will tell on NYSC mobilization and its certificate.

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