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UNILORIN Catchment Areas and Effects on Admissions

One of those things admission seekers are mindful of, lately, is the catchment areas of their proposed schools. If you’re seeking admission into any Federal institutions in Nigeria, catchment states are a must-understand for you. This was why I shared Nigerian federal universities' catchment areas in my recent post.

For the University of Ilorin, the management is always transparent about its catchment areas, especially for Remedial admission.

The University declared in her pre-degree adverts that,

The preliminary programme is primarily open to applicants from the Catchment States of the University of Ilorin, (i.e. Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nassarawa, Niger, Plateau, Sokoto and Zamfara States.

This meant applicants from these states would be given priority over other states.

In fact, in the actual formula for admission into UNILORIN, 25% of the admitted candidates must be from these states. I have covered this in my post, “Admission Merit, Catchment Areas and Educationally Less Developed States: Meaning and Differences

However, there’s no way to say if the same calculation will be used for pre-degree admission. But it’s most likely.

Will Applicants From Other States Be Considered for Admission?

Having said that UNILORIN takes catchment states seriously, does that mean applicants from other states shouldn’t be optimistic?

Yes, they should!

As a matter of fact, this is one of the most misunderstood facts about the university. Most admission seekers believe if they don’t claim Ilorin, Kwara state, or other neighboring states, they shouldn’t expect offers.

From my experience, I have processed admissions for applicants from UNILORIN non-catchment areas such as Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Ekiti, etc. Such applicants were given admissions even before their counterparts from the so-called catchment areas. In most cases, I had candidates who claimed Ilorin or Kwara State but were deprived of admissions at the end.

This doesn’t mean that this yardstick counts not. It does, but not when applicants from other states have better grades than the University’s preferred states’ applicants. In other words, if you’re from other states, you have complete and good results and you apply rightly, you should be admitted with no discrimination.


Don’t be discouraged to apply because of the catchment concerns. Don’t even be discouraged to claim your real state if you want.

If however, you’re in doubt of yourself, you can claim any state in the list of the states of preference. And before then, be sure you have access to such a local government to be claimed. This is because you will need to sign your attestation letter/page with the local government chairmen or secretary. If otherwise, stay with your real state.

Note also that, if you claim any of the states you don’t really belong to, you’re to remain the indigene of that state officially forever (if you’re eventually given admission). The same local government will be claimed while registering for your UTME too.

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  1. What if my State of origin is Enugu but I was born and raised in benue state, and I attended both primary and secondary School there, can I claim benue?

    1. You can. Just be sure you have the local Government identification certificate of the claimed state.


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