Must I Upload Original Certificate to JAMB Portal? -

Must I Upload Original Certificate to JAMB Portal?

Uploaded result to the JAMB portal

When uploading results to the JAMB portal, it is acceptable to use either the original certificate or an online-printed copy of O'level results, while a statement of result is generally not recommended, except for DE applicants using higher qualification statements.

Generally, all admission seekers will need to upload their results to the JAMB portal. UTME candidates will be required to upload any of the O'level results (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or NBAIS result or a combination of two). Direct entry (DE) applicants will upload both the O'level and A'level results.

When going to the CBT for your JAMB UTME registration or JAMB office for your DE registration, you have to take these results along with other necessary items. However, you're unsure if it has to be the original result or certificate or if the online printout is acceptable.

This was the question a student just asked. He even want to know if a statement of result is acceptable too. According to them, must I upload the original result to the JAMB portal, I mean the certificate, or will they still accept a statement of result or a result printed out online?

In this post, I will share my chats with him. You may also find answers to your questions and related matters.

You Can Upload Original Certificate But Not Mandatory

Uploading the original result or certificate of your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB result is not compulsory. JAMB and schools, at this stage, are only interested in seeing your result, and it won't matter if the one you scan and upload to the JAMB portal is the original one or a printed copy.

Original NECO Result/Certificate

Of course, when going to the JAMB office or CBT center for the UTME/DE registration, you will take a copy of your result along for uploading. No official of JAMB or the CBT center will insist on the original copy of the result. Having the online-printed copy is enough for them to scan and upload.

WAEC Original Result/Certificate

However, if you have the original copy together with the online copy, you have the choice at your discretion. You can choose between the two, the one you care to upload.

RecommendedDE Applicants: How to If JAMB Has Verified Your Result

Online Printed Results Are Widely Acceptable

As you must have deduced from above, if you've printed your result using the website of the exam bodies, you should take the printed copy to the CBT center or JAMB office for uploading.

NECO result - online printed copy

RecommendedList of Items Required For Direct Entry (DE) Registration

This online printout is widely acceptable for the JAMB upload or school upload, just like the original copies. And since most students won't be able to get their original certificates until months after they've been able to print the online copies, the online ones are expected to be common for the upload.

WAEC result printed online

However, it won't matter if your O'level result has been released in the last three or more years; online copies of O'level results are generally acceptable for the uploading, whether during the UTME/DE registration or later before the school admission activities.

RecommendedDifferences: Statement of Result and Original Result/Certificate

Statement of Results Is Not Advisable

Another way students can have their results collected is through what's called the statement of result. This is different from the original certificate or the online-printed copy. A statement of result is usually typed and printed on the letterhead of the school where you sat for the exams.

Statement of Results

Even though this may be requested by some schools or organizations on purpose, it's not widely acceptable for admission purposes. Hence, it's not advisable to take this to the CBT center or JAMB office for uploading.

The direct entry (DE) applicants, however, are allowed to use their HND, BSC, ND, NCE or any other higher qualification statement of result. Since this people won't have online-printed copy, the first result schools do issue is the statement of results. Hence, it's acceptable for the uploading. 

Even if the CBT center or JAMB office won't mind, I recommend going strictly with the online-printed copy or the original result/certificate.


In a nutshell, when it comes to uploading results to the JAMB portal, original certificates are optional. Whether it's the OG certificate or its digital sidekick, the online printout, both get a thumbs up. While officials won't bat an eye at your choice, the laid-back vibe suggests they just want the deets. 

However, steer clear of the rebellious cousin, the statement of result (except for the DE applicants but the O'level statement of result); it's not the cool kid in this admission party. So, when in doubt, roll with the online gang or the OG crew—it's all good for the upload dance. Keep it breezy, upload easy, and let the admission adventure roll!

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