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Is it Possible to Collect WAEC Certificate by Proxy/Another Person?

How to Collect WAEC Certificate by Proxy
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It's a new topic entirely when someone asked WAEC if it's possible to help someone else collect his or her WAEC certificate. In other words, can WAEC Certificate be collected at the exam body's office by proxy?

Can I collect the WAEC certificate for someone by proxy? If yes, what will be the requirements????

I called it a new topic because the rule is you can't collect another certificate from the WAEC office. But with the answer given by the official Twitter handler, it's possible that such a certificate holder is outside the country.

But if the owner is available within the country, he or she can't send another person to handle that.

In other words, if the holder is still within the country, this is impossible. But outside, it works.

How to Collect WAEC Certificate by Proxy

Having said that it's possible to help your family/friends abroad collect their certificate at home, below are the official guidelines to do it.

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Requirements for Collection of Certificates by Proxy

Requirements from the Candidate:

Fax the following documents to the DR/Zonal Coordinator, WAEC, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria through the proxy:
  1. International Passport Page of the Candidate
  2. Visa Page and Residential Permit of the Candidate
  3. Application Letter from the Candidate
  4. Authority Letter from the Candidate. 

Address these two letters to the DR/Zonal Coordinator, WAEC, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The letters must detail the certificate owner's phone number(s), email address & examination particulars.

Requirements from the Proxy:

  1. The identity Card of the Proxy authorized to collect the Certificate
  2. N5,000.00 cash; payable to WAEC cashier, Ikeja, Lagos.


With the owner of the certificate outside the country (with documentary evidence as stated above), you can help him get his WAEC certificate and send it over to him. While it still remains impossible to do that if the person is within the country or can’t provide all the aforementioned documents/information.

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