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Lost WAEC Certificate? Get New One or Attestation of Results

I've covered a series of guides on WAEC. My "WAEC: 13 Answers to Students' Questions on West African Examination Council" is one of the best resources to get answers to more than a dozen issues you may be finding answers to on the West African Examination Council exams.

And just lately, I posted about attestation of Results issued to the Nigerian President, which gives me another reason to write this.

Mr. President is one of the candidates who we categorized as those who have lost their WAEC results to misplacement, stealing, damaging, burning, etc

Whatever the reasons for not having permanent access to your WAEC result - be it WAEC Internal (May/June) or External (Nov/Dec, Aug/Sept, Jan/Feb Series), below is a guide to get another one.

Can I get Lost WAEC Certificate Back at WAEC Office?


But, this time it's not a copy of the certificate or original WAEC result. What they will give you is called "Attestation of Results"

You will have to approach the body’s office in the state of the exams. That is, the WAEC office situated in the state where the exam was held would be responsible to prepare your Attestation of Result and hand it over to you.

Difference between Original WAEC certificate and Attestation of Result

Practically, for application, job, official, and other purposes, they are the same. In other words, the Attestation of Results is widely accepted for any purposes you will need your original Certificate or Result for.

Your list of subjects and grades will be available on both (except F9s) that will not appear on the Attestation of Result.

A sample of WAEC Internal (May/June) Certificate

By difference, the Certificate will display the candidate’s photo as used during the exams - be it, private candidate exams/result, or school candidate exams/results.

Attestation will, whereas, display the passport photo recently submitted while applying to collect it.

The heading of WAEC Certificate will read such, "West African Senior School Certificate" whereas Attestation will appear on the latter.

A sample of Attestation of Result for WAEC

Can I Collect my WAEC Certificate or Attestation of Results online Instead?


WAEC has disclosed that “Candidates are to note that, with effect from WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2017, request for the printing of certificates will be done electronically via https://certrequest.waec.ng/.”

Visit the website to see if the service is currently available.

Also, note that only candidates for WAEC GCE 2017 henceforth will have access to this online Certificate printing. And this doesn't mean you can print it yourself. Rather you can only go online instead of their offices, and request WAEC to print it and get it delivered to your specified address.

Read this post "Collection of WAEC Certificates is Henceforth Online: See How to Get Yours" to understand better

For the years before, the physical presence of a candidate will be needed to collect WAEC (GCE) Certificate at the WAEC office of the state of exams. This means the same is applicable to the Attestation of the Result.

For WAEC (Internal) May/June, a candidate must return to the school of the exams. Yours should be with the exams officer of the school within two years after the exams.

School candidates do not have to visit WAEC offices.

But he will approach the exams body’s office for the Attestation of Result instead of the school of exams.

Items/Documents Needed to Collect Attestation of Results? 

  1. Letter of Application for Attestation of Result: To be handwritten or typed by the candidate
  2. A police report on lost or damaged certificate
  3. Photocopy of online result print of the lost, stolen, or damaged certificate
  4. Two recent passports of the candidate
  5. Court Affidavit
  6. Administrative Charge of N20,000

NOTE: All the above must be submitted to the WAEC office of the state of the exams.

Requirements to Collect Original WAEC Certificate or Result

Get the answer to that here.

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  1. How long will it take to get the attestation of result

    1. Immediately after making all payment and documents available to WAEC.

  2. With the attestation can i use it for anything

  3. I was told it will take 3 months before attestation of result can be processed,how true is this please?

    1. I don't have such information. If you go with the right documents, it shouldn't take more than a day except they system has been changed - which is unlikely.

    2. Please sir I don't have my original waec certificate it got burnt, can I use my online waec result to suffice for it

  4. Hello, if i don't have a photocopy of the old certificate

    Will the normal online result print out suffice for it?

  5. Is there anyway I can change my DOB on my certificate? Please help

  6. I have a photocopy of my WAEC certificate, though I lost the original. The exam year was 1987. Will it be possible to process a re-issuance online, as I live outside Nigeria?

    1. Yes it will be. Though you will only be given attestation of result instead. It serves the same purpises though. Read more through the links below.
      1. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2018/12/collection-of-waec-certificates-is.html
      2. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2018/11/stepshow-to-print-waec-certificate-or.html
      3. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2019/06/is-it-possible-to-collect-waec.html

  7. Good day, please I didn’t lost my waec result but the school I did my waec is no more in existence and there’s no way to locate the where about if anybody in the sch, please can I get my waec result at the waec office

    1. Yes you can. Visit the WAEC office at the state of the exams.

  8. They said attestation takes six months before it would be given.how true it is?

    1. You will get your attestation of result the same day you apply for it.

  9. What is the difference between attestation of result and confirmation of result. And do they serve the same purpose?

    1. It's the same. It's just difference in language.

  10. Hello. I have a Friend that took the examination back in the early 90's. Is there a way that he can request the attestation online and what is the cost for such process? Please advise.

    1. This post should be of help already. For more, read the post through the link below.


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