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Request Original WAEC Certificate/Result Online at

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I have got a series of questions. Candidates want to know if:
  1. it is possible to print their WAEC Certificates online
  2. there is any website to print WAEC original result or certificate
  3. WAEC has an open service to allow candidates to print their certificate directly from their website.

Well, the answer is YES, and here is a guide to doing that.

But before then, let me handle some things.
  1. If you’re a WAEC school candidates (May/June), this post is not for you. To get your own certificate or original result, you must go back to your school. Your school is the one authorized to collect your certificate on your behalf. Such a certificate should be ready with the school management latest within a year after the exams. For example, if you write the exams in 2015, your certificate should be there by 2016 or 2017.
  2. This guide (you will read to the end) to request a WAEC certificate online ONLY affects WAEC GCE candidates.
  3. In the case you've got your certificate earlier but lost, damaged, or misplaced it, but now need another one, you will need to read my post “Lost WAEC Certificate? See How to Get New One or Attestation of Results
  4. If you intend to print the result (i.e notification of WAEC result) instead, kindly follow the guide in “WAEC Results Out! 8 Steps to Check the result on”.

Guide to Print WAEC GCE Certificate or Original Result online

According to WAEC,

The Electronic Certificate Management System (e-CertMan) is an online portal designed to automate the process of issuance of certificates based on requests by individuals who sat WASSCE for Private Candidates. From the point of application through to the pickup stage, candidates would be able to track the stages of their certificate requisition. 

The new process is a departure from the old arrangement whereby candidates must collect their certificates from the Zonal/Branch offices where they wrote their examination. Candidates can now collect their certificates from any of their preferred pick-up locations (WAEC Offices) across the country. However, they would be required to provide valid means of identification such as a National Identity Card, Drivers License and International Passport at the designated pick-up locations.

Payment for the service and status information would all be handled through the portal. Candidates can request for their certificates up to WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2019-Second Series and after.

Applications can be made online via

Payments can be made through the portal, Banks-in-branch (Payments via all Branches of Banks), USSD or Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa and Verve) to the designated WAEC Account. The certificate collection fee is Four Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (N4,700) only. 

Hence, follow the step below to print your Certificate in colour
  1. Visit
  2. Enter your WAEC GCE registration number
  3. Make a payment online for the service
  4. After payment, click on Request Original certificate/Result

Note: If the website is not available, as the time of checking, kindly check back or visit the WAEC office of the state of exams for the physical collection.

If Unavailable, Consider Collecting Certificate at WAEC Office

Following the guide above, the website may be unavailable or temporarily down. In that case, you can collect it at the body's office - as instructed below.

You will collect it at the WAEC office in the State you sat the examination with the following:
  1. One passport photo
  2. Photocard
  3. Computer print out of the result
  4. N5,000 cash (payable to WAEC)
  5. NB: If your certificate has stayed in the WAEC office for more than 4years, the Custody Fee will apply.

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  1. excuse me sir, i wrote my gce exams 2017 and i'll like to get my original results, how do i go about it sir?

  2. Hello, I wrote my waec 2012, but didn't collect the originals from my school. Can I still get it now if i return there, as it is needed for an urgent purpose

  3. Hello sir. I wrote my waec/GCE in 2005. I was at the WAEC office Sokoto severally year after year and was told the whole result for the said year had printing problem, hence the certificate was not printed. So I had to travel down to sokoto from Ibadan anytime I need my result to get the confirmation of result. Please this has really given me set back in the past years as it isn’t possible for me to travel this far again for my results after several requests. Please What can I do, I am so helpless and this is affecting me.
    How do I request for this certificate from here without having to travel to sokoto again please.

    1. Sorry about the situation. You should visit the nearest WAEC office and explain this to them. They will help.

  4. I need my waec certificate but it has been up to 10 years since I wrote the exam, how can I get it and how much will it cost me

    1. If it's May/June WAEC, go back to your school. They will decide the price. If it's WAEC GCE, follow the guide in the post below:
      You will collect it at the WAEC office in the State you sat the examination with the following:
      One passport; Photocard
      Computer print out of the result
      N3,550 cash (payable to WAEC)
      NB: If your certificate has stayed in the WAEC office for more than 4years, the Custody Fee will apply.

  5. Hello sir, i wrote my WAEC/GCE in 2019 , I did online request with success on the 23rd December last year but since I don’t have a return from Waec office. I haven’t received any email from Waec to come and pick up my certificate. I desperately need it

    1. Please talk to them through Twitter handle. It could help.

      Use the link below.

  6. hi, i live abroad and i'm trying to get the original stamped by waec result from my GCE exam. please i do i go by it? i tried using the link above but i dont have an opton to choose the year 2017. please and thank you!!!.

    1. 2017 is not available for the online request. Kindly follow the guide in the post with the link below.

  7. I've done mine since 4th Feb 2021 and till now I haven't been mail to come and collect the cert

    1. They will reach out to you through email or phone if you'd done things correcly.

  8. Is original waec result for 2020 out please

    1. It's usually 90 days after the release of the online results. Kind check your times and talk to the school of exams.

  9. Please how can i get my wassce certificate printed for me online

    1. You can get it printed online (at least not yet).


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