Can I Print My JAMB Result At a Cyber Café?

One of the confusion you're thrown into after the JAMB results are available online is where to print them. Some students think they've to go back to their previous CBT centers to print while a few want to try the nearest cafes.

I don't blame you for this dilemma. It's the fault of the board to have created some fears that cafes are no longer in their dealings.

After all, you can only register JAMB UTME at CBT centers. Only the CBT centers can help upload O'level results to the JAMB portal. In fact, they're the ones that can do your change of institutions/courses.

With all these taken away from cyber cafes, it might be too easy to conclude that cyber cafes are not within the jurisdiction of printing the JAMB results for UTME candidates.

Well, in this post, I will be giving some insights that might change your initial thinking.

Cafes Are Still Allowed To Print JAMB Results For UTME Candidates

To print your JAMB result, you don't have to go back to where you registered your UTME, any other CBT centers, or the JAMB office. Cyber cafes around you can help you print the results without any limitations.

As a matter of fact, some cafes help students upload their results to the JAMB portal, even though not officially allowed, but with a direct connection with the CBT centers before they can do that. For the printing of the JAMB results, they don't need to connect with any CBT centers before printing for you.

They're officially allowed to help students to print results. Hence, no need to doubt any trusted cafes that promise to help your check and print your JAMB result.

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A Cyber Café Needs Only Your Email and JAMB Portal Password to Print Your JAMB Result

If you want to use the service of a nearby café for the printing of the JAMB result, go along with your JAMB email i.e. the email you linked with your JAMB registration back then or linked to the JAMB portal, sometime, later. Also, you must go with the password that JAMB sent to the linked email.

Let me explain!

After linking your email to the JAMB portal, a unique password should be sent to your email immediately. If you've not linked your email, you can still do that now. It's never late!

If you didn't receive any password to the linked email, you can request that following the guide in the post, "How to Get JAMB Password With SMS/Text Message". 

Now, you'll go to any public cyber café with the email and that password. They will use both to log in to your JAMB portal.

A part that may not concern you, except you want to print yourself, they will navigate to the "Print Result Slip" section to pay for, download, and print the result for you - usually in color.

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In Fact, You Can Print the JAMB Result By Yourself

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, candidates are allowed to print their JAMB results by themselves. That complements the fact that the printing of the JAMB results is not limited to the CBT centers and JAMB offices.

If you're tech-savvy or can handle a few navigations using a website, with your linked email and the received/generated password at hand, you can log in to your JAMB portal by yourself and print the JAMB result.

After logging in, navigate to the "Print Result Slip" link, pay N1500 (excluding transaction charges), and download and print. If you don't have a color printer, you can take the downloaded copy to the nearest café to print. That may save you some bucks!

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