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Can I Use Result Printout Instead of Certificate/Original Results?


There times schools will ask students to come with Original WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS results. You may also read an instruction that you should come to a screening, interview, or test with your O'level Certificate or original results.

Candidates are thrown into confusion because some don't understand if there is a difference in the printout result, original WAEC result, or certificate. They don't know if the one printed online (usually called printout) is the same as the original result.

Some even believed the one a school type on its letterhead is called the original certificate or result. 

If you're in this mess, you will find this post helpful if your institution had asked you to bring your SSCE result, original result, or certificate for admission documentation or physical screening.

Online WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB Result Printout

The online printout is the regular and general results that applicants will print directly from the WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or NBAIS official website as soon as the bodies release their results. To print each of these results, I have dedicated posts guiding you as referenced below.

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It's not uncommon to see institutions instructing candidates to bring their SSCE result - while making specific reference to the online printout. Below were such instructions by the Univerity of Uyo during the 2019 admissions exercise.

Candidates are required to come for the screening exercise with the following items:

The original and photocopies of the candidate’s academic qualifications SSCE, O/L, NECO, NABTEB, etc.

One (1) copy of the University of Uyo 2019 ONLINE registration form duly completed with the passport-size photograph printed in colour.

One (1) recent passport-size photograph on red background with name, UTME registration number and signature of the candidates on the reverse side of the photograph.

These should be packed in quarto-size envelope and labeled with name, department and JAMB registration number.

Even though a university, polytechnic, or college asking you to bring your O'level may still accept ordinary result printed from the exam's body website for screening, jobs, or interviews, the instruction is not really asking for this.

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Original WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS Results or Certificates

The original SSCE results are also called the Certificates of the exam bodies. Where you're instructed to present your original WAEC result, it means to bring your WAEC Certificate.

Candidates are usually confused here. Some think there are differences between the two. NOPE!. It is the same thing but in different words.

Of course, on your SSCE original result/certificate, what you will find there is a "Senior School Certificate". No particular document will display "Orignal Result". However, where the word " Original" is used, it means the "certificate".

To get your SSCE certificate, however, you will need to return to the schools of the exams or visit the state branch of the exam bodies to collect it. These original results/certificates are not usually available for collection immediately after the release of the results. Candidates are to wait a year before they can collect or request their certificates/original results.

You will find the following posts useful if what you need is the original results/certificates:

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Printing SSCE Results in Colour Doesn't Make it Original

Sometimes, candidates are usually convinced that if a school asks for original results or certificates, they can just print the online results in color to make them original. Is that true? No!

Printing your SSCE result online in color doesn't make it original. It's just the color printout.

However, some institutions can make things more confusing. Imagine a school or company that says, candidates should come with the original of his O'level result and its photocopies. This can get you confused especially if you don't have any other than the online printout.

In this case, if you print one copy in color and make photocopies of it, can solve the problem. Hence, printing in color is perfect but doesn't make it original. It's just a means to differentiate between direct printing from the net and photocopies.

Of course, all original results and certificates are printed (in color) by the concerned exam bodies. Yet, you can't print that by yourself or at a cafe. The body prints and delivers to your school or to you (in case of WAEC GCE request online).

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Results Printed on School's Letterhead is Not Original

When a school prints your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB subjects and grades on her letterhead, this is called the Statement of Results or Transcripts. This result type can be mistaken for the original result, yet it is not.

In fact, a majority of institutions, companies, and businesses will not accept statements of results as qualified evidence of a candidate's academic grading. The WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB statements can easily be fogged or altered. This is why it's not widely accepted.

In place of the statement of results or transcripts, institutions prefer the online printout where the original result or certificate is not available.

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Using Online Printouts In Place of Original Results/Certificates

It's actually possible to use your WAEC, NEC, GCE, NABTEB, or NBAIS online printouts instead of the original results/certificate. However, there are a few terms to understand this.

When a school or organization asks candidates to bring original results, the instructions are generally meant for all applicants. These candidates will include those who had written SSCE a few years ago, the last two years, and the present year. In this case, only those whose results are about a year or older old will have access to their original ones. 

As earlier said, the original results or certificates will be ready in about a year after the online one had been released. Hence, candidates that can collect or request the certificates are limited to those whose results are a year or older. The fresh school leavers (current year candidates) won't be able to get that until the right time.

Therefore, the institution may insist on the original results for older results but for the newer results, you will be considered if you only present the new (current year) online printout.

Experience, has, however, shown that where institutions ask for a certificate, they can consider online printouts whether it's new or old. In this case, to make the result look more appealing, you may need to print it in color if you don't have access to the original one immediately.

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  3. Good day.
    Can napteb statement of result be used for attestation? My certificate will not be out till the next 2yrs and I need to attest my documents for a job.
    I did it Nov 2019.

    1. Yes, you can. The online result printout is acceptable too.

    2. Can statement of results be presented at a job screening instead of the certificate

    3. Yes, but it may not be generally acceptable. In fact, printing the online copy may be more acceptable than statement of result.

  4. I wrote neco gce 2020 so can I get the statement of results ready now so that I can apply school

    1. No, you can't. You may need to wait about 4 months after the results are released.

  5. I lost my nabteb original result, can I still issue another one

    1. More likely NO. You may be issued with an attestation of result in place of that.

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