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Differences: Statement of Result and Certificate (Original Result)

Yinka, like many other students, is confused about statements of results and original certificates. These terms are not only common in secondary school results but also in results from higher institutions.

When Yinka (a secondary school leaver in his case) contacted me, he wanted to know if a statement of result and an original WAEC result were the same. His proposed university requires the latter for freshers' documentation/screening, but on the copy, he got from the school, it's written as a "statement of result."

If you find yourself in the same situation, it won't matter if your result is from WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB; you should know the difference (if any) between a statement of result and an original result or certificate.

SSCE Statement of Result is Issued in The Name of the Schools

After writing WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB (internal or school candidates' type), your school may choose to issue you a statement of result. This is merely a document of your results subjects, grades, and other exam details clearly written or typed on the letterhead of that school.

A Statement of Result

A letterhead will bear the name, address, and official details of the school where you took the SSCE. It's on this paper that the management will type all subjects sat for and the grades you received in those subjects, usually in a tabular format.

At the end of such result analysis, the principal or any assigned officer will stamp, sign, and date the statement of result.

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Original SSCE Result or Certificate Is Issued by The Exam Bodies

Bodies such as WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc., are in charge of issuing the original result or certificate. These bodies usually prepare their candidates' results/certificates within the first year after they've taken the exams and hand them over to the schools so that individual students can visit the schools and collect their certificates.

Original SSCE Result or Certificate

Instead of being typed by the school or on the school's letterhead, your subjects, grades, exam number, year of the exam, and certificate number are printed on the template designed by the exam bodies.

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Official Needs for Statement of Result and Original Certificates

In my experience as an education consultant, I've noticed that only a few schools or organizations will ask students to present a statement of results of SSCE. Most, instead, want the original WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB result.

The thing is that even where a school demands a statement of result, it will usually be along with the original result/certificate. Most organizations won't trust the statement of results as much as they trust the original result since the former is just typed on a letterhead, making it easier to forge, while that's not common with the latter.

Although where a statement of result is specifically asked for, the original result/certificate won't replace that and vice versa. However, your understanding of the difference will save you some embarrassing moments.

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