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How to Write Attestation Letters For Admission/Job

Letter of Attestation comes into play usually while seeking admissions or official positions. Literarily all universities, polytechnics, or colleges of Education will require this letter during candidates'/freshers' documentation.

And job seekers may be required, on engagement, to provide attestation letters. This, lately, has been a prerequisite to being employed by private and public organizations.

However, confusion comes up when prospective admission seekers or employees don't understand how the letter should be written or the content thereon.

Another area of confusion is the categories or calibers of people formally recognized to write an attestation letter.

This post will address what an attestation letter is, how it should be written, and by who.

What's an Attestation Letter?

A letter of attestation also called an attestation letter, is an official document of reference written/prepared by a recognized personality/organization - giving confirmation of good knowledge of something or somebody on behalf of whom the letter is written.

The letter certifies the good knowledge (to the best of the writer's) in order to recommend the person for purposes such as the academic or career pursuit of the person in question. 

General Purposes of Attestation Letters

From the statement above, it's clear that letters of attestation are usually written for official reasons. The four main purposes include:

  1. Academic
  2. Career
  3. Competition
  4. Membership Enrollment

This letter may also have extensions such as attestation of good characters, attestation of names, attestation of good conduct,  guarantor letter, Reference Letter, etc.

After being offered admissions or jobs, an institution/company may require candidates to come with these letters as legal proof that such candidates are reliable and can be trusted as being prescribed by the attestors or guarantors.

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Standard and Sample of Attestation/Guarantor Letters

As already noted, the letters must be formal. It usually contains two addresses - that of the sender (attestor/guarantor/referee) and the recipient.

In this instance, if the sender uses a letterhead, he doesn't need to repeat his address again. The only address, here, will be that of the recipient. Where a letterhead is not used, the two addresses must be present.

Where the recipient's position is known e.g The Registrar, The Director, The Manager, etc, it should be addressed as such. However, if such a position is not known, the letter will have to be made open. In such a situation, it's common to title the letter as TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.

Below are a few examples of the headings or titles for such attestation or guarantor letters:









As for the words and composition of a reference letter, check the sample below.

Sample of job letter of attestation

NOTE: The words in a letter of attestation, guarantor, reference, or recommendation do not have to be many. With about two or three paragraphs, the writer should have convened the true information such letters should contain.

Who Can Write an Attestation, Guarantor, Reference, or Recommendation Letter

Generally, a person with a good knowledge of the arrestee's characters should be able to write an attestation/a guarantor letter. 

However, a few people are officially recognized and such people may be asked for, specifically, to be the the writers. For example:

  1. A clergyman (Imam or Pastor)
  2. A school head, Principal,  Proprietor, Boss/Project supervisor, Former Employer
  3. Parents (if specified by the recipient)
  4. A lawyer
  5. Traditional Chiefs/Rulers

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