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Is It True That It's JAMB That Gives Admissions?

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It seems that all of us and candidates are of the view that JAMB is the body giving admission to all applicants. On the one hand, we may be right. On the other, we're all wrong.

The body has finally come out plain that it did not offer applicants admissions. The official statement was given by the board's Twitter handler when a candidate asked,

Please when will jamb stop giving admission

Accordingly, the response was as follows.

JAMB does not give admission. It only regulates admissions in collaboration with tertiary institutions to ensure that only suitably qualified candidates are admitted. The introduction of CAPS has also ensured fairness and equity in the process of admission.
As a matter of fact, I've personally made it known that JAMB and schools are just in agreement regards the offering of admission. And that is evident in my post, "How JAMB and Schools Will Admit This Year".

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Don't misunderstand things, JAMB is not offering admissions to candidates independently. The body works hand-in-hand with universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and other institutions to ensure a free and fair admission distribution among candidates.

This doesn't mean schools don't have any more say in admission. In fact, institutions still retain the higher says.

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In brief, this is how schools and JAMB take care of this relationship.
  1. JAMB conducts UTME for candidates
  2. Schools conduct post -UTMEs and screenings
  3. Schools select candidates who passed their post UTME and qualified for their spaces
  4. Schools forward the list of those candidates to JAMB to update to her CAPS. This is when your JAMB CAPS status will change to "Admission in Progress"
  5. JAMB checks all the modalities the schools follow in offering the spaces.
  6. If well done, JAMB then releases the same list to CAPS status for candidates to accept or reject. If otherwise, JAMB will reject the list of affected candidates for schools to correct things.

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There is no way to say JAMB is the one giving admission. Rather, the body is working in collaboration with institutions to ensure fairness in the distribution of admission spaces among the institutions.

JAMB initiates the admission process every year, schools recommend candidates for admission, JAMB also accepts or rejects them. It's the list that a school sends that the board approves, not the other way round.

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  1. Jamb hasn't given me admission yet even though I have gained admission from the University I chose. Pls what is wrong

    1. I've detailed that in the post with the link below.


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