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How Much is Printing of JAMB Admission Letters?

As soon as you're offered admission on the JAMB portal, the next thing is to accept that. That should be followed with the printing of the JAMB admission letter.

Or who will not want to print his or her JAMB result? Not only for the pride it comes with but it will be required for bio-data registration and freshers documentation and screening.

But how much is the JAMB admission letter? Yes, it's not free. You have to pay for this just as you've paid or will pay for the JAMB original result.

In this post, I will be giving you the official price for the JAMB admission letter, possible online payment transaction fee, and related matters.

JAMB Official Price For Admission Letter is N1000

The board requires all admitted candidates to pay N1000 for the printing of the JAMB admission letter.

This money is payable online or at the bank (if you're using the remita option). Once, paid, your letters (in PDF file) will be automatically loaded. Then, you'll be able to download and print.

The JAMB admission letters are two. In other orders once paid form and the letter are loaded, it contains two letters - one is named "candidate's copy" while the other is "institution's copy".

As the name implied, the candidate's copy is expected to be held on to by the individual; admitted student and used for further record purposes. Whereas, if your school should ask for the letter, it's the institution's copy you'll present for activities such as physical screening, bio-data registration, bank account opening use, a scholarship requirement, etc.

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You Will Pay, In Addition, Online Transaction Charges

Yes, not that the 1000 naira, earlier stated, was the "official price". Yet, there is a fee to pay for the online platforms that you pay through.

There are three platforms (which might have been increased/reduced while reading this post) JAMB uses to collect payment for the JAMB admission letters.

  1. Remita which will add 169.30 - making 1169.30 altogether.
  2. E-transact which will add N12 to the N1500 - making N1,012
  3. Xpress Payments which will also add N12 to the N1500 - making N1,012

Expect to Pay Up to N2,000 or N2,500 If You Will Use a Café or CBT Center to Print JAMB Admission Letters

Most students don't have their own printer to print their admission letters even though they can make the payment online.

Hence, they resolve to use the services of a café or CBT center to print these letters. These centers have color printers to print JAMB admission letters for candidates, of course.

Experience has shown that cafes can CBT center will use their ATM cards and print for you too. You should be ready to pay for these services.

Hence, prepare up to N2500 if you can't pay and print at home.

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