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How To Make Remita Payments at Bank and Online

Remita Online Payment Platform
With almost all federal and state organizations in Nigeria accepting payments of dues, fees, and levies through Remita, you may need to generate Remita Reference Number and make payment at a bank. And if you want to save yourself the hurdle at our ever-crowded banks, you can pay directly online.

Have you heard that before? Federal Road Safety (FRSC) can issue you a ticket to pay for fines. You may need to pay your tax (FIRS) through Remita. Schools may ask you to generate an RRR invoice and make a payment at any commercial bank across the nation. NYSC will ask you to pay for call-up letters through Remita. These banks include the FirstBank, Access/Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank, UBA to mention a few. Generally, all commercial banks are accepting Remita payments.

So, how do you go about generating RRR code and make payments either online or at a bank?

Generating Remita Code Online and Paying Through Bank

Generally, Remita reference numbers are generated online. In other words, no organization will write Remiat Ref# for you by hand, they ask you to generate it on a website or on a particular platform. It may be at a dedicated website of an organization, parastatals or bodies, schools, etc. With this, the payer fills a certain basic form thereon on the website. And a RRR is generated at a point. Then, you're instructed to take this to a bank for payment and if possible, pay using your ATM card (online).

RRR is a 12-digit number. This number will be used to make payments at any commercial bank in Nigeria. You don't necessarily need to print the invoice out. You can just write down these numbers and take them to your interested bank.

In order not to waste time at the bank, you can pick a teller up and fill. How?

How to Fill Teller For Remita Payment

  1. Visit a bank and request a teller.
  2. Fill in the key parts of your teller - date, name of the depositor (your name), phone number, amount, etc. For the Account Number, enter the RRR copied or printed online. The account name is the name of the organization you're paying to.
  3. Note that, RRR can be longer than the boxes provided to fill the account number. Fill the boxes and enter the excessive numbers after the boxes. It's ok and acceptable.
  4. After the filling, present this at the counter. Your payment will be made and confirmation of payment receipt will be printed out for you.

How to Pay Remita Directly Online

The option to generate invoices online and proceed to a bank for payment is made for individuals who are not internet-educated. It's to save them the pain of navigating around the internet. And don't forget some are still afraid of spending their money online.

If you don't want to use a bank, you can still make the same Road Safety, National Open University (NOUN), Federal Government College Tuition, JAMB change of Institutions, etc. directly online after you copy the RRR. Follow the guide below for that.

  1. Copy your RRR - Ctrl + C will be cool after selecting the numbers
  2. Visit
  3. Locate the pay invoice. Click this and enter the RRR (Ctrl+V)
  4. Click the pay invoice. This will redirect you to the Remita payment page. Here, you enter your ATM card details.

See the details in front of your ATM card

Below are the card details needed
  • Name of on the Card
  • Card Number
  • Expiring Date of the Card
  • CVV Number or security code (last three numbers at the back of the Card)

See the details behind your ATM card

Follow other prompts to complete the payment. At the final stage, you will be prompted to print the receipt.

Important Information After Paying Remita at Bank or Online

  1. If payments are made at banks, some will require you to take the bank payment Receipt to the organization or parastatals in question.
    If payments are made online, you will also be able to print the receipt for the presentation if need be.
  2. If you need your payment receipt again, you should be able to get it back in your email. In other words, after payment online or at the bank, a copy of the payment receipt will be sent automatically to the email you provided for the generation of RRR. You can, any time, search your email to get this printed.
  3. If you can't find the receipt sent to your email, you can resent it from the Remita website. To do this, you must have the payment RRR code with you still. Visit Take the send invoice receipt option. Enter the email used to generate RRR the first time and send it. If the RRR code is correct, a copy of the receipt should be sent to your email by now.
  4. Whether you make payment online or at the bank, some payments may need you to visit the school, organization, or parastatals' website to confirm payment before you can proceed with online registration. In this case, follow the instructions given on the portal. Where payment is complaining, check for a re-query button on the page. use that to reconfirm/reactivate the payment.

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  1. When my email expired and that reciept sent to it how could i do?

    1. Create another email and use the option to send it to alternative email.

      Follow the guide in the post below.

  2. I want to pay my niece sch fees through remiter i do i go abt it.

    1. Read the post above for ideas on how to make remita payment

  3. Thank you for this I will sure try it out

  4. Is it possible to pay for the remitta from my account, do I get a withdrawal form as well?

  5. Please the payer's phone and email must it be the phone number and email linked with the account?


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