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After Accepting Admission on CAPS, What Next? (2020/2021)

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Have you checked your JAMB CAPS? Are you already offered admission by a school of your choice or any other? If yes, congratulations! You’re a champion dude!

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If you’re already set for the campus as you’d been offered admission on JAMB CAPS, then this post is more for you.

What is Next After CAPS shows you have been Offered Admission?

1. Accept the Offer

The next step is to accept that admission. This is actually what every admission seeker will do as soon as that good news appears on the screen. However, if for any reason (as detailed in my recent post), you don’t want the school that offered you admission, you can also reject it.

For the record purpose, you can print the JAMB CAPS page that shows you the admission status or check the admission status directly after accepting it.

See: What JAMB and Schools Do When you Reject Admission on CAPS

2. Print JAMB Admission Letter and Original JAMB Result

Every admitted candidate must print both the JAMB admission letter and the original result.

If you want to know what these two items are and how to print them, I covered them in my post “How to Print JAMB Admission Letter and Original JAMB Result”.

You see, the very reason schools will ask you to tender these is to ascertain that you’re the true owner (real writer of your UTME) of the result and admission.

On the JAMB admission letters and results, the candidate’s passport photograph will appear as used for UTME. Both must be printed in color in order to be accepted as original.

Generally, it’s one of the directives by JAMB that all schools must request these and candidates must present them as well during entry documentation and screening.

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3. Visit the School’s Admission Portal to Accept Admission 

Apart from JAMB, schools offering admission equally require candidates to accept the offers on their portals.

Don’t forget to visit the school portal and check your admission status too. Note that most candidates already offered admission on JAMB CAPS are yet to be asked to check admission status on the schools’ portals. Wait until your school opens that. Then do the right thing at the right time.

Checking and accepting admission status on the school’s portal may require paying an acceptance fee. This is a general concern. Almost all schools require admitted students to pay this before anything else.

4. Print the School Admission Letter

Where provided, ensure you print your school’s admission letter too. You will need this in the future. I recommend printing this in color for originality reasons.

Note that, not all schools provide school admission letters. Some just reckon with the JAMB.

5. Don’t Pay School Fees Before Documentation/Screening

After offering you admission, schools usually ask you to pay the acceptance fee. Then you’re required to come to school (at a later date or immediately) to present all your credentials for screening and documentation.

It’s after this; such schools will clear you to pay the school fees.

Even if the option to pay school fees is opened after payment of the acceptance fee, don’t pay yet. Go for screening and documentation first. Then pay later after being cleared.

The main reason for this is because, if you pay the school fee before the screening and during screening you’re rejected or not cleared for admission, it means you have wasted your school fees as the tuition is non-refundable.

6. Do Freshers Registration on the Students Portal

After acceptance fee, being cleared, and payment of tuition, then you’re a bonafide student of your school.

The next thing is to register as a new student. This will give you your own portal as a student. It’s through this portal you continue your studentship activities till you’re a graduate.

Wishing you luck.

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  1. I accepted my admission on JAMB CAPS and it says that the result has been updated successfully. But when I checked it again, it seems that I would need to accept it again because, I am expecting that the statement "result updated successfully" should still be there but it isn't there any longer. Please, should I click on the accept admission button again?

    1. You can accept a million times. The first acceptance is the most important.

  2. Hi, sir. I'm a DE student into FUTA, I've been transferred and I've accepted it, now when I want to change my course to the new course, it says I can't because I have done it before. I didn't do any change of course, I only uploaded result in December. And I also heard you can do change only twice, this is just my second time of trying to change anything, but it shows 3 times under payment because we were told to pay 100# naira for printing. Admission status still shows not admitted.

    1. Kindly raise a ticket to lodge this complaint with JAMB.

  3. sir what should i do if i press accept admission while no admission

    1. I don't understand your question. Break it down.

  4. Please am I supposed to pay my acceptance fee before checking my name on the school portal..... that's after jamb gave me admission and I have printed out the letter...Unical

    1. Confirm the right process from the school portal. It depends on the school.

  5. I have accepted from jamb caps but it hasn't shown on school portal for three days now what should I do??

    1. Read the post below.

  6. Pls jamb has given me admission but showing not yet admitted on sch portal what can I do

    1. The post below will guide you.


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