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Is Printing of JAMB Original Result Compulsory?

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I had earlier posted how to print your JAMB original results. In that post, I differentiated between the original result and notification of the result. I was able to pinpoint where you would need one and not the other.

However, some students are still asking whether they must print the notification of the result or it’s compulsory to print the two.

This post will answer that question as straight forward as possible. And I shouldn’t have bothered to answer the question if I don’t think it will save you some money and headache if you know which to print.

Here is a quick difference.

JAMB notification (result print-out) is that which almost all candidates print as soon as their results are released. Checking it is free and it can be printed at a nearby café or business centre for just N200 or less. It can be printed directly at the JAMB result checking page.

It only shows a candidate’s bio-data and scores in each subject.

Whereas, original JAMB result is usually printed at a cost of N1,000 excluding Remita charges. And if you must use the service of a café, they may charge you between N1,500 to N2,000. See How To Make Remita Payment at Bank and Online: Quick Guide.

This is usually printed in colour. Which you can only access after logging into your JAMB profile.

Which One Do You Need for Admission?

The answer is both. But you may not need the original result if you’re not offered admission eventually.

Let me explain.

Schools That Conduct Post UTME May Not Need the Original Result From the Start

We all know now that some universities will conduct entrance exams for their aspirants. This is called post UTME. This set of universities, polytechnics and colleges will ask you to register for their post UTMEs online. Here, they won’t ask you to compulsorily use or upload your original JAMB result.

They allow you to write their post UTMEs and if offered admission, ask you to come to the school for fresher registration and documentation. It’s at this stage, they will ask for your original JAMB result. They want to be sure you're the one who wrote the UTME because it displays your photo on it unlike the notification of result.

Therefore, save yourself the money and worry in the meantime. Just keep on with your admission chase. And if you’re chasing any of these institutions conducting post UTME, you may not need to print JAMB original result until you’re eventually offered admission.

Schools That Use "Screening" May Need Original Result During the Exercise.

In the case of schools that don’t conduct post UTME but screening, candidates may need to print their original JAMB results from the onset.

Some of these universities, polytechnics and colleges will only ask you to fill forms online. Some of them will require you to scan and upload the original result during the registration (this not common though). Where it’s not required for online application, you may be asked to print and bring it during the schedule for your physical screening. The schools will check it, birth certificate, local government identification and so on during the screening exercise.

Examples of such schools are Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Federal Polytechnic Offa etc.

However, some schools only require you to fill forms online. They won’t ask you to come for further physical screening unless offered admission eventually. You will need to do the physical screening after already being offered admission. Such schools include Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State University, Osun State University, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Federal Polytechnic Ado etc


Not all admission seekers need to print JAMB original results. Your own situation determines what you will print between the notification of and original result.

Once, your result is released, you should print the notification of the result. If you’re seeking admission into a school conducting post UTME, wait until you’re offered admission before printing the original result. If you’re pursuing a school that uses “screening only”, print original JAMB result before going for the physical screening.

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