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Will OAU Aspirants Write Post-UTME or Do Screening?

If you've got the idea that all schools will not use the same method for their admissions or after-JAMB activities, you should be interested in knowing whether Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (OAU) will write post-UTME or the university will only conduct screening.

You need to know this before choosing the university during the JAMB registration or while changing institutions and courses. Candidates who had filled out the online forms will want to know what to expect next.

In this post, I will quickly answer your concern as to whether OAU's aspirants will write exams or be subjected only to the online screening and/or the physical one. Then, I will take you through, in brief, what to expect during the admission activities of the federal university.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Usually Conducts Post-UTME

By implication, the university, from the past and probably for many years to come, would conduct post-UTME for its aspirants before they're being admitted.

The ancient university, in Ile-Ife, is one of the stubborn universities that will set entrance exams for their candidates after obtaining the online forms. Except on certain unavoidable occasions, such as disruption in the academic calendar due to the pandemic (e.g. COVID-19), social unrest (e.g. EndSARS), or elongated industrial action (e. g. ASUU strike), the university will conduct post-UTME.

And if the university will not invite its aspirants to the campus for the CBT, due to any of the reasons earlier stated, the management may resolve to the online test, which individual aspirants can take at their homes or cafes with computers connected to the internet. The university has used this method for many years, in the past, and most recently in the 2022/2023 admission exercise.

Hence, as a prospective student of the university, you should prepare for the post-UTME which is expected to hold a few days/weeks after the closure of its online application form.

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How OAU Post-UTME Registration and Admission Activities Will Go

Having established that OAU will subject you to another exam after passing the JAMB and qualifying for its post-UTME, you should want to know how things will go from obtaining the online form to the admission list stage.

Below are the stages to expect.

  1. The university will announce the sale of its post-UTME form. Here, all aspirants who meet the required JAMB cut-off marks (usually 200 and/or above) are expected to buy the forms on the admission portal, fill it out, submit the applications, and print the acknowledgment slips.
  2. After this, a few days before the exam, the university will announce and ask candidates to print their exam schedules on their individual portals
  3. Once printed, you're to appear for and sit for the exams on your schedule. If the online test, you're to use your computer to access the test portal as of the date and time scheduled.
  4. The results will be released for checking and printing a few days after the exams. If you pass, (meeting or beating the 50% minimum), you can continue expecting an admission offer. Otherwise, that's a dead end.
  5. After this, candidates are to be checking their JAMB profile/CAPS, from time to time, in order to be monitoring the progress of their admission 
  6. As time goes by, your admission status, on the JAMB CAPS, will change to admission in progress, which means both JMAB and the school are looking into your performance to know if you'll be shortlisted
  7. After that, if you merit the admission, you'll be admitted i.e. your CAPS status will change to ADMITTED. In the same vein, some students will be transferred to other courses if the management deems it fit. You can accept such an offer if interested.
  8. You can then accept the admission on the JAMB CAPS and print the JAMB admission letters.
  9. After this, you'll be following the admission status on the school portal too, to know when the university also offers the same.
  10. You will accept the offer on the portal too, and pay the acceptance fee and other fees.
  11. Then, you're a student. Congratulations!


You see, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) will require all its aspirants to write an entrance exam called post-UTME. Hence, before considering it in UTME or when changing institutions, have this at the back of your mind. 

Your admission is however not limited to writing the post-UTME, as you can see in the post, a few other activities follow that until admission lists will be out both on the JAMB and school portal.

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