Without PIN/TOKEN, Can I Check NECO, WAEC, NABTEB, JAMB, etc.?

WAEC scratch card
After losing their results checkers, some students want to consider the possibility of checking the results, again, without using scratch cards i.e NECO Token, WAEC, or NABTEB PIN/Serial Number.

In fact, some candidates didn't buy cards in the first place or they couldn't get cards around them. As a result, they want to take advantage of any possible method to check results without using cards.

A candidate has just enquired about the use of SMS, Andriod, or IOS apps that can be used to check WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB without buying checking cards.

In the post below, I will be sure to answer this question.

You Can't Check WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB Results Without Cards

A checking card or scratch card is the primary requirement for checking the results of WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB.

Hence, it's required of every candidate to get one in order to check his or her result.

As a result, WAEC is providing checking PINs and serial numbers for candidates through the plastic ID Card being given to them during the exam. As for its GCE candidates, the exam photocards also contain the PINs and serial numbers to check results.

For NECO and NABTEB, be it school or private candidates exams, students are required to buy cards online or through agents and cafes in order to check their results. You can click here to buy result checkers for WAEC May/June or WAEC GCE 1st and 2nd Series.

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You Can Check WAEC Results Through SMS But With Card

Although WAEC allows candidates to check their results using SMS, yet they will still need the PINs and serial numbers in order to see their results. You can click here to buy result checkers for WAEC May/June or WAEC GCE 1st and 2nd Series.

The purpose of the SMS means of checking WAEC results was to help candidates who may not have access to or are not closer to the internet or cafes.

At the rate of N300, candidates can check their WAEC/GCE results following the steps below.

Send SMS in the format below:

WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to 32327 (MTN, Airtel & Glo subscribers)

For example - WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2021

Note: Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above. There should be no space in the message.

Wait for your result to be delivered to your phone via SMS.

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JAMB Results Checking Doesn't Require Scratch Cards

At the time of this post, JAMB doesn't require any candidate to buy a scratch card, PIN, or Token in order to check UTME results.

As a matter of fact, the platform dedicated to the checking of UTME results is open-source where generally all candidates can enter their JAMB registration number and see their results.

Candidates can use any of their emails, JAMB registration numbers, and phone numbers to see their results with a few clicks at https://jamb.gov.ng/Efacility.

Meanwhile, following the link above, candidates can only check their UTME notification of results. The notification of UTME results is the general means of checking UTME results without paying a kobo.

To check and print the original JAMB result, following the last method in the linked post, you will need to make a payment of N1500 excluding the online charge.

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You will compulsorily need scratch cards, PIN/Serial number, or token in order to check your WAEC, NABTEB, or NECO result. However, the JAMB results can be checked without a card or any payment if it's not the original JAMB result.

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  1. Pls I lost my neco registration number is there any way too get it back

    1. Yes.

      Read the post below.


  2. Please what does my Neco card serial number consist of?

  3. I misplaced my waec ID card what can I do about it

    1. You can get back to your school to give you your WAEC registration number. You can also follow any other methods in the post below.


  4. But I can't find any pin or serial number on my card

    1. If it's WAEC, your school should give you a plastic ID card. The PIN/serial number will be on the plastic ID card. If they give you any other ID card than the plastic, you won't see any PIN/serial number there. You will need to get back to the school for the plastic one or you by the PIN/serial number. I sell that if you can talk/chat/with to me on 08065152292

    2. I wrote my WAEC 2004 and I have forgotten everything. Please how do I get my result?

    3. You'll go back to tat school. They still have all students' records.

  5. Can I use the information on my napteb photocard to check my result ?

  6. I did my weac 2013 but I forgot everything about my weac details

  7. please how can i check my result with the pin

  8. I have my neco Scrath card serial number but do not have serial number and I need the serial number


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