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Will GCE Results Meet Up With This Year Admission?

Using GCE awaiting result for admission
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I’ve got a few students asking, lately, if it was possible to use WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB GCE awaiting results for the current year admission.

I’ll be brief on this though. Yet, there’re things you must understand upfront.

The direct answer to that question is “YES, you can”. But a warning here! You must really know what you’re doing.

Let’s dive into it.

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What’s an Awaiting Result?

This is a situation where an admission seeker has not written his or her SSCE or got the result and yet, he/she wants to consider obtaining JAMB UTME or any other admission form for the year. This is allowed if such a candidate is expecting to write any of the O’level exams in a few days or months. See more on awaiting results.

However, in most cases, candidates expecting WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB internal are usually confident of using it for the current year admission. This is because they believe; their results should be out before their proposed schools start selling post UTME or entrance exams forms or at worst, while the forms are still on sales i.e before the closing dates.

So, what’s the fate of the candidates expecting the results of WAEC GCE (external/private candidates) or NECO and NABTEB GCE?

Ride on.

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Why will you want to use GCE Awaiting Results for the admission of this year?

A reason a candidate may want to consider using GCE awaiting result is if he or she has missed the internal ones.

Also, a few candidates who registered for UTME with awaiting results got higher marks but when their O’level results were released they’re disappointed. Are they going to waste the 250 or more marks?

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As a result, they want to consider GCE as an immediate and the last resort. Here comes the question: won’t admission for the year close before the release of the GCE results?

Let’s see where it will work and where you shouldn’t try it.

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Where GCE Result Can Meet-Up for this Year Admission

As stated above, you can use GCE awaiting result for your admission but on the following conditions:
  1. The proposed university, polytechnic, or college of education should be well-known for delaying admissions. In fact, some universities will come last in the admission calendar no matter what. You can rely on such schools for GCE awaiting results. A few schools such as EKSUOSUSTECH, EKSU Ila-Campus, etc are a few schools that may continually be selling post UTME until admission year comes to an end. Here, GCE results may meet up. See when this admission is likely to end finally.
  2. Where a school conducts admission early, check to see if they include AR (awaiting results) in the grades available on their post UTME portals. Some schools' online forms will ask you to load your O’level result, yet they still include AR. For example, the grade section will show A1, B2, B3, C4, C5, C6, D7, E8, F9, and “AR”. In this case, it means the school still allows Awaiting for results.
  3. If the university continually sells several batches of admission forms. Some schools would not stop selling admission forms until JAMB ends the admission exercise for the year. This set of schools is the go-to if you want to use GCE awaiting results e.g EKSU and most private schools that don’t conduct post UTME and they can bring any candidate before the year admission closing date.
  4. If the admission is for other programmes such as a school of nursing or college of health (where accepted), pre-degree, IJMB, JUPEB, and so on. Certain schools of nursing will keep selling their entrance forms until GCE results are out or won't start selling not until those results are released.

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Where GCE Result Can’t Meet Up With Admission

Contrarily, below are situations you shouldn’t attempt to use GCE awaiting results.
  1. Where the school is known for early admission and post UTME exercise/screening. A majority of our premier universities' admission exercises end before GCE results will be out. For example, UNIBEN, ABU, UNILORIN, UI, OAU, etc See the date WAEC announced to release the results.
  2. Schools that conduct post UTME may not work out for this. This is because a majority of them will release their admission lists earlier than those conducting admission screening only. See the difference between Post UTME and screening only.


You can now see my point on why you must know what you’re doing before you can use GCE awaiting results for the current year's admission. While you must know that, it’s not applicable to all schools. Those accepting that may still change their system anytime in the future.

Meanwhile, if you must use any GCE at all, I suggest WAEC GCE (not NECO or NABTEB). This is because the WAEC GCE result is more likely to be out earlier than others. The body is conducting two series per year and usually releases results within 45 days of the last paper.

If you think it is worth the trial, give it a shot. And if it doesn’t work, you can still use your result next year.

Best of luck! 

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