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Will FUOYE Write Post UTME or Do Screening Only?

Does FUOYE write Post UTME Exams or Do Screening Only?
In other words, you want to know if Federal University Oye Ekiti will write post UTME tests such that applicants will be tested on computer-based exams or paper and pencil tests?

Or you just want to know if their method is using SSCE and JAMB results (combined) to give admission without writing entrance exams.

Yes, FUOYE uses screening not test. In other words, no entrance exams for both UTME and DE applicants.

The university will publish their post UTME adverts. Applicants are to register online and fill in their O’level and UTME results. Based on these two, the management gives admission or otherwise.

Note that this method may change anytime in the future. In the meantime, no need to prepare for exams.

Nature of FUOYE Screening Exercise and Admission

Having said that the university will not conduct any entrance exams, you may want to know what to expect after obtaining the FUOYE screening form.

Let’s get into it.

  1. The management will announce the sales of the screening form (usually called the post UTME form).
  2. Aspirants are expected to obtain the form online at a price around N2000 (excluding the online charges)
  3. During the application, you’re to fill in your O’level results and its result checker. This is because the university wants to avoid applicants claiming wrong grades that they do not have.
  4. During the registration, candidates who do not meet up with the course they’re pursuing are allowed to change their course on the admission portal at a price. Such candidates are advised to effect the same change on the JAMB portal to align it with the one change at the university.
  5. After the online application, you’re to print your confirmation slip. This one will only contain your information, O’level grades, and points but not the total aggregate. The university will later (usually within 3 weeks) upload the confirmation slip containing the total aggregate mark.
  6. After printing your total aggregate score, you’re to be on the lookout for the institution’s admission lists on JAMB CAPS. There, you’ll accept the offer and print the JAMB admission letter.
  7. The management will as well upload the same lists on the school portal for you to accept and pay the acceptance fee.
  8. After this, you’re to come to the university campus for physical screening and freshers’ documentation.

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