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How To Check If a Student is Admitted or Still in School

Checking whether admitted or still in school
For some years now, I had been witnessing a series of cases where parents would later realize their children had not been admitted to the claimed schools. Some students were truly admitted but later dropped out, advised to withdraw, or expelled from the institutions. Yet, parents were waiting for the graduation dates to be announced.

Are you a parent who is trying to know, if at all, your boy is deceiving or lying about his admission? Or you're skeptical your little cunning lady might have dropped school for failure or a boyfriend and you want to know if you're not burning the tuitions?

Below is a list of mediums to check your ward's admission status and his or her admission in any university, polytechnic, or college of education.

1. Check JAMB Matriculation List

JAMB is aware that very many students are not in schools. Some are - but through fake admissions. It's because of scammers that the board had earlier warned candidates and parents not to accept offers other than through JAMB.

In order to be sure there was no confusion in differentiating between a real and fake admission, JAMB introduced a platform for all to check their admission status.

This is the easiest means for a parent and guardian if you can lay your hands on the JAMB registration number of your boy. In order words, all you need to check the JAMB matriculation list is the number given during the UTME/DE registration and the admission year.

To get this, check the registration slip, exams schedule slip or the printed JAMB result. It's a 10-digit number (containing 8 numbers and 2 alphabets).

To check:
If the admission is real, it will display a success message on the same page.

However, in some cases, a disappointing message doesn't entirely mean JAMB has not offered him or her admission or that the admission given was fake so to say. It may mean that he had not done things right during the admission process.

Maybe he has not printed his original JAMB result, done JAMB regularization (if applicable), or printed JAMB admission letters.

Hence, for any of the cases above, he has to do the right things immediately and recheck the admission status. Once any of the above is done correctly, the status should be positive provided JAMB truly offered him admission.

2. Check Admission Status Through SMS

If you can lay hands on your child's phone line he used during the JAMB registration, you should be able to confirm his admission status directly by using a mobile phone.

During the JAMB registration, each candidate was instructed to send his FULL NAMES to 55019 on the line. He was debited N50 before a message containing a profile code was sent to him/her. This was the code he/she used to buy the UTME/DE form and register at a CBT centre.

If you remember this and get hold of the line, a parent can just send "STATUS YEAR of ADMISSION" to 55019. For example, send STATUS 2019 to 55019. A confirmation message of admission should be sent to the same line after being debited with N50.

This message will show if the candidate was admitted or otherwise.

3. Check Admission Through the JAMB Profile

In order for parents to enter their children's profiles, they will need both the emails used for the UTME/DE registrations and the passwords taken during the processes.

Should you have the email (available on any of his/her printouts) but no password, you can try some of the following suggestions:
  • phone number of the applicant
  • 12345678
  • 12345
  • 123456
  • surname123 e.g adetunji123
  • jambyear e.g jamb2020
  • utmeyear e.g utme2020

To log in to you're child's JAMB profile and see his admission status, follow my step-by-step guide here.

4. Check the School Admission Portal or Students Portal

A student may be admitted for real but lose out before the end of year one or two. How do you know the state of things with your boy as he progresses into new years in school? Is he still on campus?

In this case, the best option is to visit the university, polytechnic, or college portal and find out the modalities that students use to login to their individual portals.

Some institutions use a combination of the following to login to the school portals.
  • JAMB registration number and password (which may be a phone number, any of the candidate's names, date of birth, etc)
  • JAMB registration number and JAMB registration
  • JAMB registration number and the word "password" or "password1"
  • Matriculation number and any of the suggested password above.

This can be tricky because it's not easy to guess anybody's password. Trying any of the above may help if you're lucky.

However, parents can lure their children into giving them what they will need to login to their portals, especially in year one, when they may not know your motive. This is a timesaver.

5. Visit the School Admission Office for Confirmation

This is, though, the not-easy of all. For one reason, parents don't have time, most lately, to visit their children on campuses. For the other, they don't want to raise suspension of any kind.

However, if a visit to the school admission office is unavoidable, kindly do it. The officials are waiting for parents to come and enquire about their children. You'll love officials' kindness on your arrival.


A retired headteacher discharged from a hospital after two years, visited me to check her girl's result. We found that the lady has been rusticated from her university since 100 level. The cruel lady was then supposed to be at 500 level she claimed. She had wasted years lying to the parents - still collecting money when the poor father was on the hospital bed.

Parents should take the checking of the JAMB and school admission status of their children seriously, especially at a time when students are gambling with tuitions, falling to scammers, voluntarily dropping out of schools to chase all sorts of things.

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