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Can JAMB Withdraw Admission After Years In School?

You might have been in an argument with a friend or family about the possibility of JAMB withdrawing an already-given admission. That's cool!

In fact, your fear might have grown if you've read where I warned you not to cheat during JAMB UTME. Even though I only claimed the board might not release your result on time or cancel it entirely.

What if you've cheated with the result released and in fact, got admission with that, was it possible for the board to find out later and withdraw admission already offered?

In this post, I will shed light on the confused part of this question and set your mind to rest.

JAMB Can Withdraw Your Admission After Being Offered

JAMB is the statutory board in the moderation of admission in Nigeria. The board is legally required to offer admissions alongside the offers from individual schools.

If it had reasons to believe that the admission was wrongly offered to a student, the board could withdraw it. Especially if the board found out by itself, that a student didn't merit the admission offered, he or she should expect the usual reaction.

Where a student reports himself or herself as not meriting the admission, the board may or may not withdraw the admission.

For example, a student reported himself cheating to gain admission a few years later with an apology to JAMB was only declined. The board advised him to reject the offer for the apology to be accepted without further legal actions from the board.

If it's the board that found this out itself, the admission could have been withdrawn and possibly published.

Already in 400-Level, A Candidate's Admission Was Withdrawn By JAMB

To support my earlier claim that the board can easily withdraw an already offered admission, very recently, there was another case of a student who wanted to print his JAMB original result online after three years in university.

Admission was truly offered in 2019

The guy took to the official JAMB page to expose himself without the awareness that the board was about to roast him.

Please how is it possible that my JAMB registration was canceled but my JAMB CAPS is showing "Admitted" since 2020 as a result, I'm not able to print my Admission letter 😤 Please help.

The guy got to his page to see that the result was not made available again and as such the admission letter. 

The board claimed he was involved in exam malpractice during his year's UTME. Hence, the result and admission offer were both withdrawn.

JAMB's response wasn't motherly on this issue.

This was so because you were involved in examination malpractice. If not, why will you be raising a case for 2019 UTME in 2023? Please note that you cannot use the registration number for anything whatsoever on the JAMB portal.

In this case, though not common, if the board has reasons to withdraw your admission offer, you can't help it.

Effect of the Withdrawal of JAMB Admission Offer

If a candidate's admission is later withdrawn by JAMB, the result is that such studentship has been terminated from the school too.

Even though the board may not write the school to equally terminate his or her admission, spending his or her money to study will be a waste, in the end. 

The school might not even be aware of the board's decision so as to take equal action, but sooner or later, the truth will be out, and such candidates with be left a loser.

What If School Doesn't Know and I Complete My Programme?

Yes, it's possible to complete your course without the school being aware you've been denied the same admission earlier offered by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

However, the board will be waiting for you when you're going to NYSC.

Yes, every graduate will need his JAMB registration number to process his or her national service program. NYSC will collect all graduates' JAMB registration numbers from the board. Through this, they'll have access to the courses offered, dates of birth, and states/local governments of origin.

This data is very important to the NYSC mobilization registration.

During the course of collecting your JAMB registration number, the system will apparently show that you're not offered admission or any course. Then, you won't be able to proceed with NYSC processing and registration. With this, it's as good as not going to school or that your admission or graduation was fake.


With the official references in this post, I don't have anything left to convince you that JAMB can withdraw an offer of admission if it finds out such a student had cheated to pass his or her JAMB.

For whatever other reasons, if the board is convinced that you don't merit the admission earlier given to you, it's left to it to decide whether or not to withdraw it. And it won't matter whether you're still in school or already a graduate.

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