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How to Change My JAMB Portal Password

How to Change Your Password If Already Know

A few students had asked if it's possible to change their JAMB portal passwords. And if yes, how will they do that without stress?

Of course, we may break this concern into two.

  1. Resetting the JAMB password. This is for those who forget their password. I've covered how to do that in my post, "5 Sure Methods To Reset Your JAMB/Email Password". You can also use the SMS method detailed in, "How to Reset JAMB Password with Phone Numbers - JAMB".
  2. Voluntarily changing the password. Here, you don't forget your password. But, for security reasons, you decide to change your password.

This post is specifically about the latter. Candidates may choose to change their passwords in certain  situations including:

  1. trying to change to something you can easily remember or difficult for others to guess
  2. trying to stop a friend or a cafe from accessing your JAMB CAPS behind you
  3. perceiving suspicious activities on your profile that you deem fit to change the login details.
  4. JAMB has sent you a new password to your email or through SMS but it's not easy to remember. Now you wish to change it to what you can remember

How to Change Your Password If Already Know

Here, we assume you already know your password, but you intend to change it. Follow the steps below to get that done.

  1. Visit the JAMB profile login page
  2. Enter your JAMB email and JAMB profile password (already known)
  3. After logging in, you will be taken to the dashboard.
  4. On your dashboard, locate the avatar icon 👨‍🦱 at the right corner of your page
  5. Move your cursor to that and click Change Password
  6. Three boxes will be opened. One for the existing password and the other two for the new password.
  7. Enter them correctly and click Change Password

That's it.

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