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Monday, 8 April 2019

4 Shortcuts Students Take to Gain Admission Which You Also Can Take Now

How Dumbest Students Gain Admission but You’re Still Struggling 

Nothing makes you look more stupid like seeing a dumbest person more successful than you are. This is the case for thousands of students seeking admission in this part of the world.

You must have seeing students who you’re better off but eventually gained admission before you. They’re not as dumbest as you must have thought. These set of students may just have done some things differently.

This post shows you why you’re still at home and a silly colleague is attending lectures now on the campus.

1. Secure the right O’level or SSCE Grades

It’s easy to fall victim of this. Most smart students want to prove themselves better or best in all their O’level subjects.

Such smart guys, write 9 subjects in secondary school (which is the usual or normal number of subjects for SS classes). After writing WAEC, NECO or NABTEB, he, unfortunately, misses out in 1 important or relevant subject. Such a result takes him nowhere.

A dumb student only gives maximum attention to 5 relevant subjects and make the 5 or more. Then, he is on his way to the campus.

Here is the picture, for you to study any course in a higher institution, you must have 5 (6 in rear cases – like in the admission requirements of Nigerian Police Academy).

You’d better given these relevant subjects maximum attention and have at least credit passes in them in your SSCE – that’s all you need and JAMB brochure together with individual school's admission special requirements.

For example, a student proposing Nursing will need at least 5 credit passes in English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

More of these O'level subjects combination for admission was covered in the post, "SSCE Results: How to know 5 Compulsory Subjects to Pass for Admission Purpose"

A dumb student knows this secret (Not a secret any longer!). Then, he makes his SSCE with little struggle because he knows where to focus his energy.

2. Go for Less Competitive Course

It’s easy to follow the crowd of students seeking admission for the most competitive courses e.g Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Law etc. The question is, can you really compete to get there?

Of course not! Don't overestimate your strength.

Most smart students are, in reality, average students. They want the best course but they’re not really the best in their schools. Best things are meant for the best, not the smartest.

You will be known as the best if your relevant SSCE subjects are dominated by As and Bs and you can give JAMB a shock with 280 or more in UTME.

But a dumb guy still gains admission in his own way while eventually being able to go for the most competitive course.

Here is his approach!

First, he has got his SSCE results. Then, he has a satisfactory score in UTME. He only needs 180 to 200 (or a bit higher) for courses like Medical Laboratory Science, Chemistry or Biology. But he puts in for any of these anyway.

In the following admission year, he is on campus and you’re home.

If he prefers Medicine eventually, he then applies for a change of course while going to 200 level in his school.

At this stage, it gets easy if he can produce a certain level of grade (GP) in his promotion exams.

A dump guy may use a related approach as explained below.

From Polytechnic to University 

He, instead of competing for a course in university, goes for polytechnic (using UTME or through Daily part-time course which doesn’t require UTME) and studies related course to what he aims for at the university.

Though he runs this course for two years and has his National Diploma (ND) which is the award for the first half of polytechnic education. The second half is called the Higher National Diploma (HND).

During his ND, he works with all efforts to have a distinction or upper credit as his grade. After completing the two-year course, he then applies for JAMB Direct entry (DE) form. With this, he can choose any university to gain admission to and continue there at 200 level.

For this, he doesn’t have to write UTME. Provided he has a distinction or upper credit, the university will offer him admission to the same or related course to the one he did at the Polytechnic.

3. Take Advanced Level Course instead of writing UTME

One way to gain admission to the university is through IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB and Cambridge A’level courses.

A dump guy takes this instead of the overcrowded UTME way.

After a satisfactory SSCE result, he registers for any of these available advanced courses which usually runs for one year or less. He must work to get the right grade or point, and then apply for JAMB Direct Entry (DE) form.

This approach is the same as crossing from polytechnic to university (after completing ND – as explained earlier).

4. Consider Other Ways to Gain Admission Without UTME

One major challenge to gain admission is securing the right mark in UTME. Thousands of students have been yearly delayed and denied by their UTME performance.

News has it of students giving up on admission due to continual failure in UTME. Some students end up committing suicide as a result. This shouldn’t be. Though it can be frustrating to see the dumbest guy being on campus while all you have is the continual struggle.

Perhaps that dumb guy tries something else. He uses a non-UTME admission approach.

National Open University

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) gives you the chance to gain admission to your desired course without UTME. All you need are satisfactory SSCE grades.

Distant Learning Degree Course

Distant Learning Degree Course is another way out of this mess. The University of Ibadan, University of Lagos and few others run a self-paced degree course for students who want to avoid UTME or are already working class – and wish to further their studies.

Even at the international scene, schools including the University of People, UNICAF Distant Leaning can provide solutions to education challenges you can be facing in this part of the world.

These are well-known short-cuts your dumbest friends had used to leave you at home.

Sometimes, we’re ignorant of how others are making things happen and now you have it. What are you waiting for? Make move and use what works for you the best.

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