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Monday, 16 September 2019

Institution and Course Not Showing (Blank) in CAPS? Reasons and Solutions

Institution Space Will Remain Blank for Awhile
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Admission seekers are now worried about their CAPS not showing the institutions of choice. Are you affected too? This is the right post for you if you're confused on why the space for the institution of choice is blank in your CAPS.

Before I answer your question, let's get some basics.

Before you can be sure your institution - university, polytechnic or colleges of education is not showing on CAPS, you have to know how to check things correctly. If you're in doubt of whether you O'level result was uploaded to CAPS, read, "Check If Your O'level Result Has Been Truly Uploaded to CAPS". Following the same guide, if you click on "Admission Status", you will see a space to check for the institution and if you've been offered an admission space.

On getting to that page, a few students can only see their results and grades. Then, they see JAMB registration number instead of the NECO, WAEC or NABTEB exams number. The reason and solution to this had been covered in my post, "JAMB Reg. Number Shows in CAPS Instead O'level Registration Number".

Having checked JAMB CAPS, a few students were worried for not seeing any schools listed there. After all, a school that will eventually offer you admission should show up in the right space. Then, why is yours empty or blank?

Institution Space Will Remain Blank for Awhile

Having a bank space for your proposed institution is nothing to worry about. The space for any candidate will remain bank for now. It remains that way until a school, among the ones you're proposing or anyone for that matters, will be ready.

This candidate's institution space is blank like yours

In short, it's temporary. Admission process for this year is not closing until dates announced by JAMB. Hence, that institution space may remain blank within this period. Ans it's nothing to worry about.

Instead of being worry, keep checking the space for any changes sooner. I have detailed about 7 CAPS status messages that will be guiding you on what each terms on your CAPS means and what to do after each shows up. That guide is comprehensive enough to take you to the last stage of this year admission.

Institution Will Appear In Due Time

In a simple explanation, a school will not appear on your CAPS until that school has proposed to offer you admission or later, otherwise. When the time comes, your first choice institution will appear at that space. Then, when you check you CAPS, you may likely see any of the messages explained here. That shows the admission process has begun for you.

These status messages will keep changing until you're finally offered admission or otherwise.


There is no need to panic if the space for your institution is empty or blank. It will appear in due course unless no school will offer you admission eventually. In fact, in most cases, a school will later appear there, whether you will be lucky this year or not.

In short, be on the lookout for a school to appear. And don't panic until then.

Best of luck!

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