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JAMB Profile/CAPS Online Showing "Welcome", Solutions!

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This post will guide you on while your JAMB profile is showing Welcome only when you try to access CAPS on your phone, what you're doing wrong, and what to do to see other available content and links.

It's time to be checking JAMB CAPS. Candidates will use this platform to check their details including the JAMB registration number, names, date of birth, schools of choice, courses of choice, etc. CAPS will also be used to check if your O'level results had been truly uploaded, if a school has offered you admission, transferred you to a new course, and so on.

However, as soon as you log in to that platform, you're most likely to see only the word "WELCOME" especially if you're using a mobile phone to check.

Whereas, the Welcome message is not a problem. You just have to know how to twist things so that the page will adapt to show the CAPS' details such as the O'level upload section, schools of choice link, and so on.

In this post, I will be showing you why the only message you're seeing on your CAPS is WELCOME and what to do in order to see other details.

How To See Other CAPS Details If your Profile Only Shows WELCOME

Take the following actions and the issue is bygone.

1. Use a Computer Instead of a Mobile Phone

Though students are closer to using mobile or smart phones to access their CAPS lately. However, the CAPS dashboard seems somewhat complex for mobile devices to show beyond WELCOME on arrival to the CAPS section. Hence, the best take is to use a computer to access your profile.

If you use a computer, automatically after clicking on Access My CAPS, on your dashboard, you're going to see all necessary links available on the CAPS.

If you don't have a computer or you can't get a connected one from a friend, family, or teacher, use the service of a trusted and experienced cyber cafe around you. They depend on computers for their works and they should be able to check for you for a small fee.

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2. If You're Using Phones, Use Chrome To Acess Your JAMB Profile

Experiences had shown that very many students had been facing problems accessing their CAPS after login into their profiles because they're using other browsers than Chrome. 

Browers such as opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc may not adapt well for you to access CAPS even if you can log in to your profile. And in most cases, these browsers will only limit you to see WELCOME only.

To save yourself the sweat, use Google Chrome. You can download that from the play store or apple store.

3. iPhone Users Should Try Andriod Phones

A few students had also reported that using iPhones vis-à-vis using its safari will only show them WELCOME after they log in to their JAMB profiles.

This could be traceable to iPhone and its security thing. 

In this case, if after using Chrome and following the steps in the next section, things remain the same, consider borrowing a friend's android phone if you don't have one yourself, and use it to access your CAPS.

4. Irrespective of the Phones and Browsers, Change Your Browser's View to DESKTOP

CAPS page may not adapt to Desktop view automatically after logging in to your profile, on a phone. Hence, whether you're using Andriod or IOS, chrome or Phonix, just consider changing the default mobile view to desktop view.

To illustrate this, let's use Chrome and an android phone for example.

To log in to your JAMB profile, click https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./

JAMB profile login page

If you've not linked your email with your JAMB profile, you'll not able to log in here. And if you'd created a JAMB profile wrongly, you may not even be in the right JAMB profile after the login.

Now, you're on your dashboard, and it looks like the picture below.

JAMB profile dashboard

Here, there are several things you can check or do as you can see above. However, the purpose of this guide is to navigate you to the JAMB CAPS section where all you see on your phone is WELCOME.

Now, click on Check Admission Status. This page will take you to a section that gives you two options Access My CAPS and Check Admission Status.

Here, you want to check CAPS. So, you click on Access My CAPS.

At this point, if you're accessing it on a Mobile phone you will see only the word Welcome as shown in the picture below.

Welcome message on CAPS

However, if you use a computer/laptop to get to this section or you change your mobile view to desktop view, you will see other information as detailed in the picture below.

So, in order to change your mobile view to desktop view, do the following.

On your Chrome browser, locate and click on the three dots at the right top corner of your browser as shown below.

Desktop view button on Chrome

In the setting, locate Desktop Site and check/or mark the box next to it.

With this, your phone view will change to a desktop/laptop view and you will be able to see other links and content of the JAMB CAPS.

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  1. Sir, I score 199 and my desired course is biochemistry can I be given admission in Unilorin.Pls sir I need your response.

    1. First, check the departmental cut off marks and see if you have the required score for Biochemistry. If not, change to the course your mark is sufficient for.



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