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Will DPT Candidates Accept JAMB CAPS Admission?

Some candidates, after trying admission through JAMB with no success, will pick up the daily part-time form. Some will not just try UTME before they will obtain the DPT form.

After all, there is probably no difference between the two programs except that one requires UTME while the other only needs SSCE results.

But after the full-time candidates are offered admission, on the JAMB CAPS and/or school portal, the usual instruction is that they should accept the offers on the JAMB portal.

In other words, full-time students usually do accept admission on both the school portal and the JAMB portal.

With this, when the part-time applicants are offered admission, they will normally also accept on the school portals. However, they don't know if they will accept offers on the JAMB portal too.

Of course, some of these DPT applicants equally have JAMB CAPS, created after applying for their schools' DPT programmes. Now, with the offer on the school portal, will there be an offer on the JAMB portal too so they can also accept the same thereon?

This post will clear the air on this confusion. Let's ride on.

Admitted Part-Time Students Are Not Required To Accept Admission On The JAMB Portal

Although, both the full-time and part-time applicants may have access to the JAMB portal, only the full-time students are required to accept admission on the JAMB portal while their part-time counterparts are ONLY to accept this on the respective schools' portals.

I once told you that JAMB didn't offer part-time students admission, even though, they're required to register with the board.

The purpose of such registration is mere to be in the board's database and to be assigned their JAMB registration number in case of NYSC, in the near future.

The acceptance of admission on the JAMB portal is not for part-time candidates. You're only to do that on your school portal.

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No Admission Letter For Part-Time Students on The JAMB Portal

Similarly, after accepting admission on the JAMB portal, for full-time candidates, an official JAMB admission letter will be made active for him or her to pay for, download and print for future reference. 

However, part-time counterparts shouldn't expect the same from the board. Your school, after making the payment of the acceptance fee, on the school portal, will allow you to print only the school admission letter.

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There Won't Be Any Need For JAMB Admission Letters For Part-Time Candidates When They Get to School

The school management knows the arrangement. They're aware that part-time candidates won't have any admission offer from JAMB, at least not yet. 

Hence, they won't ask for the JAMB admission letter or an acceptance of the JAMB offer when you report to school for physical screening/documentation.

In short, your school management or any assigned official will not require you to accept any offer on the JAMB portal or bring the JAMB admission letter, in case you're worried.

JAMB Admission Letters Will Be Available to You Later

When you're done with your ND daily part-time or degree daily part-time and wish to cross to university or wish to continue to HND on a full-time basis, you may be required to do JAMB regularization.

This is an official means through which part-time candidates, among others, normalize their admission through JAMB.

Once the regularization is approved, candidates will be asked to print their JAMB admission letters too. 

In case you're worried about the JAMB admission letter, you'll get it at this stage.


Don't worry about accepting admission on the JAMB portal, if you're a part-time candidate. It's not available to you and you won't need it concerning the part-time offer.

Similarly, no need to worry about the JAMB admission letter as that won't be required at this stage. If you must do regularization, your JAMB admission will be made available to you, later, without any prior acceptance of an offer on the JAMB portal.

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