After ND, Should I Go For HND or Direct Entry? -

After ND, Should I Go For HND or Direct Entry?

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When an admission seeker asks if he should obtain a direct entry form after his ND or better still, go for HND, you tend to have an immediate understanding that such candidates already know what it means to go for Direct entry (thereby crossing to a university) and Higher National Diploma (HND).

However, it will be wise to attempt this question from the basics and give a final verdict if possible.

Crossing to a University to Earn a Degree (BSC) or Furthering at a Polytechnic to Earn HND After National Diploma (ND)

When you complete your National Diploma (ND), you have four options open to you. You can:

  1. obtain a Direct Entry form in order to cross to a university and further your studies
  2. go for a year industrial training (IT) required before obtaining your HND form which will allow you to further your studies as well,
  3. quit or suspend schooling and settle to start your own venture or get a job with any organization and position you're qualified for, or
  4. quit schooling and never do anything with your ND certification (Lol! You're likely not going to do that, anyway).

Taking the number 1 and 2, which one is better? Is DE a better choice than HND and vice versa?

This post will be answering this question open-mindedly so that I won't be one-sided about it. Eventually, you will be the person to choose by yourself. But I'm sure your choice will be the right one.

Let's get started.

Go For Direct Entry If Your ND Grade is Competitive

Direct Entry (DE) should be the right choice if you have a very competitive and convincing grade from a polytechnic. An ND grade, such as Distinction or Upper Credit (with a stronger GP) will give you an edge to pull direct entry admission. Hence, crossing to a university through DE is the right shot.

Let's get something out of the way. If you possess either Distinction or Upper Credit at the end of your 2-year National Diploma, you stand a better chance of being admitted through Direct Entry. However, with Lower Credit or Pass, your chance is not only narrow but daunting.

The reason behind this competition is the limited number of candidates that each university has the capacity to admit through Direct entry compared to the number of candidates competing for those spaces. Some courses will accommodate 5 or fewer DE applicants. As a result, the concerned university/department will want the best of the best. 

Except for a very few less competitive universities (usually the expensive state and private universities), DE applicants shouldn't blindly chase Direct Entry admissions with lower credit or pass.

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Returning For Higher National Diploma (HND) Will Safe You The Stress If Your Grade is Not Competitive

After your ND, you automatically qualify to return to your school or any other polytechnic for your HND with whatever grade you have. Whether you have Distinction or Pass, you're without any limit (except if the proposed polytechnic is too choosy), qualify for HND.

However, the best way to save yourself the delay, if you have lower credit or pass, is to just give in to the one-year or two-year Industrial training (IT) and later go for your HND.

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Even Crossing To Any Other Polytechnics May Require a More Competitive Grade

Having said that you're safe with any grade while going for HND. There is a clause to that. And I think you should know about it.

The more likely polytechnic that will admit you with lower credit plus one-year industrial attachment or pass with two-year industrial attachment is you ex-polytechnic i.e the same polytechnic where you had your National Diploma (ND).

A new polytechnic will prefer its ex-ND students who had lower credit or pass to outsiders with the same. If an outsider will see the smiling face of the management, he'd better come with distinction or upper credit. 

You see, that's how bad a lower grade can be at the ND level. However, it's better to have a lower credit/pass at ND than at HND. Do you know why? You can make up for a poor ND result during your HND by coming out with something better. But if you finish your HND with a worse result, your best ND result can't help you in the labor market.

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With the points above, I'm sure you should, by now, have a clear understanding of what will determine if you should go for Direct Entry (DE) or Higher National Diploma (HND) after your National Diploma. The answer is the grade.

However, having a weaker ND grade, especially lower credit doesn't mean you will never be considered for a direct entry admission into a university. Yet, a university, that will accept such, will be ridiculously less competitive so also will the course.

Studying the JAMB brochure and checking your admission eligibility, before making an attempt to buy a direct entry form will also go a long way to open your eyes to what is eventually going to be your fate.

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  1. I have 3.04 upper credit in final results please sir I'm i good to go for direct entry

  2. Please am confused if I should go for direct entry or continue HND am in mechanical I don't want to regret my choise and what if the school I pick don't accept me even with my good grade

    1. The better choice is the university. If one doesn't accept you, try another.

  3. Can someone with 2.30 go for HND immediately

    1. This is the thing. If you have pass, you must spend 2 years for IT before going HND. If you have lower credit, upper credit or distinction, you can go for HND with one year IT

  4. I have 3.05 upper credit sir
    I'm I good to go for direct entry outside the country sir

  5. Please sir, after my ND level will I still write jamb before I will be given admission in the university?

  6. Hello sir, pls will I still write JAMB after my ND programme?

  7. so I have a grade of 3.46 in my nd programme and the cumulative waec of 30 after using Lasu grading style, do you think I have a shot at the computer science department?


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