Is School Admission Different From JAMB Admission? -

Is School Admission Different From JAMB Admission?

"Is there any difference between JAMB admission the school admission?" 

That was the question I got from one of my readers. And, I think you should know too.

Candidates have been thrown into confusion when their colleagues or senior ones are stating conditions as below.

  1. Have you seen your admission on JAMB?
  2. What of on the school portal?
  3. JAMB admission supersedes that of school
  4. It's a school that offers admission, not JAMB
  5. No, it's JAMB that gives admission, not schools
  6. A school admission is fake if you're not offered by JAMB

and so on.

I've also got a few candidates walking into my office to ask if I can establish any difference between a JAMB admission and that of the school.

This post will help you understand the differences, clear a few misconceptions, and set your mind at rest for whatever confusion your friends and families might have thrown you into.

JAMB Admission is Different from the School Admission

In my post, "How To Check JAMB and School Admission Status", I established, briefly, that aspirants should be able to check their admission status on both the JAMB and school portals.

Also in, "How To Print JAMB/School Admission Letters and Result", I guided you on how to print the JAMB admission letter and school admission letter as independent documents. This was another way to establish that JAMB admission is different from that of the university, polytechnic, or college of education that offers you admission.

In this sense, I didn't mean to say that what a school would give as admission was practically different from what JAMB would give you as admission. I only meant to say that candidates would not only be admitted by JAMB but also by the school proposed.

We can safely say that JAMB and school admissions are the same things. However, the two parties must offer you differently. So, if you get an offer from JAMB, you must equally get an offer with the proposed school (separately), in fact, for the same course on both platforms.

JAMB May Offer You Admission Before School Does and Vice Versa

When a friend or family asked if you'd been offered admission by both your school and JAMB, he could probably have had the knowledge that both parties must offer you same-course admission. He should equally be aware that:

In any of these cases, nothing is wrong with one offering admission before the other. You just have to wait for the other party to offer you its own.

As a matter of fact, if one offers you admission, the other will never deprive you of the same. In other words, if you already see your admission on JAMB/school, just wait, no matter how long, for the school/JAMB to offer you the same. They will.

What if School Offers But JAMB Never

Well, I've seen situations where schools may offer you admission without JAMB giving the same. Of course, there are official admissions that may lead to this situation. The following admissions will not be offered on the JAMB CAPS. They're independently handled by the institutions offering them.

JAMB, of course, has warned admission seekers not to accept admission not offered on CAPS. Yet, that was not applicable to any of the above-listed offers.

The instruction was only applicable to candidates seeking admission through Degree admission full-time or ND/NCE admission full-time.

For any full-time admission, candidates must be offered both on the school and the JAMB portal.

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  1. I did change of course after post utme without the school transferring me first.I was offered admission on jamb caps on my new course but in my school kofa it's still showing my former course and not yet admitted is there a possibility dat I won't be admitted by my school cause it's my old details dat is showing in my school portal and my new details in my jamb

    1. You can print your JAMB admission letter and take it to the school admission office. They'll look inti it and give you admission too.

  2. My admission has been showing AIP for over four months and has not changed in this case the school had offered admission or not and I don't know what to do

    1. The delay is from the school. Read the post below

  3. I’ve received admission from the school, but I’ve not received admission from Jamb, but I’ve payed the schools acceptance fees..

  4. I choose a wrong subject combination for industrial chemistry biology instead of maths and my jamb caps is showing admission in progress, will it eventually change to congratulations ive been admitted ?

  5. I've been offered admission on jambs caps but not on school portal


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