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Will JAMB Give Part-Time Students Admissions?

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One of the shortcuts to gain admission now is through the part-time programme.

The problem with the full-time programme is the UTME. The exam had really crushed so many applicants in the past. And if you cross the UTME hurdle, post-UTME is still waiting. Hence, admission seekers are turning to part-time programmes.

Candidates who are seeking part-time admissions and those who are already offered are not asking if JAMB will also offer them admissions too.

In other words, we're all aware that, full-time admissions are given by the board together with schools. Is this also applicable to part-time admissions too?

Part-time applicants want to know or be sure if JAMB will also offer them admission admissions too just as they do for the full-time applicants.

In this post, I will answer your question and be sure I touch enough ground to clear your doubts.

Any Admission Not Given by JAMB is Fake

You must have heard this before. Any admission in Nigeria, not given by JAMB, has been pronounced fake by the board itself. This is why admission seekers must be careful with offers they will accept. 

Except for offers such as the part-time, sandwich, school of health, and school of nursing, any other full-time, your admission must be offered by JAMB.

However, there is something part-time candidates should know. They will still need to register under JAMB regardless. More in the next section.

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JAMB Won't Offer Part-Time Candidates Admissions But...

Only the school managements are in charge of offering part-time applicants admissions. Hence, JAMB doesn't have control over who the schools will offer admissions to. 

For the part-time, distance-learning or sandwich programme, the schools will offer you admission without JAMB doing the same.

But JAMB wants to have the records of all students in Nigeria in its database for future reference. As a result, the board has instructed all schools offering part-time, distance learning and sandwich to instruct their applicants and admitted candidates to register with JAMB too.

This registration is not the same as JAMB UTME/DE registration. It's just a registration that can be done round the clock any time of the year.

JAMB only wants to have records of candidates offered admissions through part-time, sandwich or distance learning.

Moreso, this doesn't mean that JAMB will give you admission as a part-time candidate. No, they won't offer you admission. Your school's offer is enough and valid for you.

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One of the Future References that Call for Part-Time Registration with JAMB is NYSC

NYSC is the closest reason for JAMB to instruct all part-time applicants to register with the board.

It's the JAMB registration numbers that NYSC will collect to process candidates for the one-year national service.

JAMB is in agreement with NYSC to allow the latter to connect with the board's database to be sure that a prospective corp member is a bonified admitted candidate and graduate in Nigeria.

And since most part-time, distance learning and sandwich applicants are now going for NYSC, and those who are not serving will still collect exclusion certificates from the corps, it will be wise for all candidates to register with the board too even though they're not full-time.

In the future too, there may be a need for a government body, organization or individual to confirm if you're bonified graduate of a Nigerian university, polytechnic or college of education.

JAMB may be contacted for this. And if the board doesn't have your record, things may fall apart.


You don't have to wait for or accept admission from JAMB as a part-time applicant. The board only gives admissions to full-time candidates. Yet, the board requires you, as a part-time candidate, to fill a form with it, so as to have your records and assign you a unique registration number for future needs.

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