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Can Part-Time Students Do Direct Entry?

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A candidate may want to know, forearmed, if after completing his part-time programme, can he or she obtains JAMB Direct entry form to proceed for a university degree course. 

Let’s say you’re about to obtain a PT form (such as a daily part-time or a regular one) in a polytechnic or college of education. Then, your plan is to cross to a university after your two-year or three-year course on a part-time basis. To cross, of course, you will need to obtain DE form and process the admission into any favorable university. Is this possible for you?

Of course, with this question, you’re already aware that it's possible for candidates attending a full-time ND or NCE programme. Undoubtedly, you don’t know the fate of their part-time counterparts on this.

This post will take you by hand and show you what you need to know if you aim to go for a part-time ND or NCE or you’re already in it if the Direct Entry application will be possible for you after.

Part-Time Candidates Can Apply for Direct Entry

As a polytechnic (ND) part-time graduate, you have two options after your programme – proceeding to HND or crossing to a university. To proceed to HND, you don’t need the direct entry registration but to cross to a university, you need to register for JAMB Direct Entry.

In the case of NCE a part-time graduate, you’re more likely to further your education to a university through Direct entry or to other programmes such as part-time degree, sandwich, distance-learning or National Open University.

Hence, it safe to conclude that in order for part-time students to cross to universities, they need to obtain DE form too just like their full-time counterparts. This post contains other things to know.

There are certain conditions attached to this. Let’s dive into them.

Part-Time Students Must Do Regularization or JAMB Part-Time Application

Before you’ll be able to obtain JAMB DE form, as a part-time graduate, you must have a valid JAMB registration number. Don’t forget, that, you didn’t gain your ND or NCE admission through JAMB as a part-time candidate. And you can check here if you're in doubt. Hence, there is a need to obtain a valid JAMB registration number.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit and write another UTME now. No! You will only apply to JAMB to give you a new number which you will use for your DE application.

NOTE: If you did JAMB in the year of your PT admission, you still need to apply for a new JAMB number or apply for revalidation of that old JAMB number.

The processes of obtaining this new JAMB registration number are discussed fully below.

JAMB Regularization is for “Before-2019 Candidates”

The process of obtaining this new number is called JAMB regularization. This concerned only candidates who gained part-time admissions before 2019. In other words, if you’re offered PT admission years up to 2018, your option to get a valid JAMB number is regularization. For the processes and more, check the posts below.
  1.  How To Create Profile For Regularization For DE (Direct Entry)
  2. JAMB Regularization For Direct Entry (DE): Procedures, Price and Closing Date
  3. How Long Does JAMB Regularisation Take to Be Approved?

JAMB Part-time Application is for “2019-and-After Candidates”

If you’re offered a Part-time admission from 2019 to date, you will not do JAMB regularization, rather, you’re to do JAMB part-time registration.

This method was recently introduced in order to reduce the stress candidates are being exposed to because of regularization.

Details of how to do part-time registration on the JAMB portal is well detailed in my post, “How to Register JAMB Part-Time, JAMB DLC and JAMB Sandwich

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  1. Good Morning...I earned my OND through part time program and if I want to go for my HND part time in the same school do I need to do jamb regularization?

    1. No. You don't need regularization to further your HND on part-time basis. Regularization is much for the purpose of NYSC and since you're not serving after your HND on part-time basis, no need for the regularization.

  2. Sir wat are my requirements for direct entry

    1. The requirements are well detailed in the post with the link below. Check it out.

  3. please sir if we do jamb part time registration, is it possible for us to do DE

    1. Yes, it's possible.

      Check more through the link below.

  4. If I do ND part time program can I do direct entry into university full time

  5. Please, I am a part time graduate with bsc but I want to do another course on full time with direct entry. I have gotten my nysc exemption letter too. I have my jamb regularisation as well. But can I still go for service if I finish this direct entry course I want to do?

    1. Officially, you're not allowed to serve two times. It's once! Your JAMB registration number (which you will use for the new DE application, has already been tied to NYSC. Hence, you may not be allowed to serve with your new full time programme.

  6. Well done sir....I already did jamb regulirization when I was admitted in 2018,where will I get my jamb reg number? Jamb office or online

    1. If you truly did the JAMB regularization and it's approved, JAMB should have sent the number to your email.

    2. I'm sorry but now I'm confused.

      After my admission in 2018,I was asked to do part time registration which I paid sum of 3,500 to jamb and subbmitted to fedpoffa admission office in 2018.....How will I get my jamb registration number and apply for DE this year?

    3. You will need JMAB regularization or obtain a new UTME form nd upgrade that to DE.


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