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After JAMB Regularization, What Next?

JAMB regularization is really a complex topic. As a result, there is a lot to cover in order to guide the concerned candidates on it.

In this post, I will be guiding you on what will be next after you're done completing your JAMB regularization at the CBT center or JAMB office.

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1. After the Registration, Collect Your Indemnity Forms

There is a form that will be printed for you after the submission of the regularization. This form is called the indemnity form or slip. It's the acknowledgment of your successful online application and submission.

Make sure you collect this at the point of the application. However, if for any reason they don't give you or you lose it, you can easily log in to your JAMB/regularization portal to reprint the slip by yourself.

2. Submit the Indemnity Form to the School Admission Office

Depending on the arrangements by individual school, a candidate with a regularization indemnity form is expected to take it to the assigned office at the former school. 

Offices usually assigned for the signing of the indemnity forms include the office or registrar, HOD, or the dean of the faculty.

For some schools, principals (for schools of Nursing), provosts (for colleges of education), rectors (for polytechnics), or vice-chancellor (in the case of universities).

The officer in charge will sign and forward the slip to the nearest JAMB office, and from there to the headquarters in Abuja.

Note that, individual candidates are not allowed to submit the indemnity forms to the JAMB offices themselves. It has to be forwarded by the school.

3. You Await and Check Regularly for the Approval

As soon as the indemnity form gets to the JAMB office, if done well and nothing was kept at bay, they will sign this and approve it for you to continue with whatever reason the application was originally made for.

On approval, candidates should be contacted through the email provided during the JAMB regularization application. Such notice will congrats and inform you of the approval and instruct you to print the JAMB admission letter to that effect.

However, if you don't receive the approval notice, through email, there is a quick way to be following the approval status right through your JAMB portal. 

You will regularly login to your portal, navigate to the My indemnity form and click on it to check the status. If and when approved, you should see it under this section of your JAMB portal.

4. After the Approval, Print the JAMB Admission Letter

Printing the JAMB admission letter will allow your data to reflect under the JAMB matriculation list. Hence, it's advisable to print the JAMB admission letter as a mark of the successful application for the regularization.

After this, you can proceed to whatever reason you've initiated the regularization in the first place. For some, it's because of the NYSC, for a few, just to have their admission letters at hands, and for a few others, to be able to register for the JAMB direct entry form.

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