What To Know About Direct Entry Form-Without-JAMB

You might have heard that some students were gaining admission through the direct-form-without-JAMB. 

Your teacher, brother, sister or friend might have told you to obtain a polytechnic form e.g. Polytechnic of Ibadan, without JAMB. 

Another such suggestion is the Federal University Oye-Ekiti admission form without JAMB.

Sincerely, it's possible to gain admission to those schools and more without obtaining, writing, or passing UTME. That's what most people called the direct form. And it's different from the JAMB direct entry form.

In brief, the direct-admission-form-without-JAMB will be opened majorly to SSCE holders while JAMB direct entry form is opened to candidates who want to further their studies after possessing OND, NCE, RN, RM, HND, BSC etc.

Chances are you belong to the SSCE holders who just want to go to a polytechnic or university without JAMB.

This post will guide you to your satisfaction.

Let's ride on!

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Direct-Form-Without-JAMB is Also Called the Daily Part-Time Form

The fanciful way to name or call a daily part-time programme or form is the Direct-Form-Without-JAMB. This is a form sold by many polytechnics and a few universities to admit aspirants without asking them for JAMB. Candidates won't need to obtain JAMB. And if you've obtained JAMB, you won't need it for this admission.

The only requirement to be admitted into the Direct-Form-Without-JAMB is your SSCE (O'level) results e.g. WACE, NECO, GCE or NABTEB.

If you check my post, "Polytechnics That Offer Admissions Without JAMB", you'll see a list of polytechnics that sell these forms. And as of the time of this post, the Federal University of Oye Ekiti is one popular university selling direct form without JAMB.

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Direct Form Without JAMB (Daily Part-Time) is Not Weekend Part-Time

Before now, the popular part-time forms are meant for the weekend courses, usually, run Fridays and Saturdays. Other universities, today run distance learning centres e.g. the University of Ibadan, University of Abuja, Ladoke Akintola University, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ibadan etc. Even though this programme won't need JAMB too, it's nothing like the Direct-Form-Without-JAMB.

  1. Direct-Form-Without-JAMB, if polytechnic (for ND programme) will allow you to cross to HND on a full-time basis or BSC on a full-time course through the JAMB Direct entry form. Contrarily though, weekend part-time (ND) may only be accepted for HND part-time or weekend BSC part-time too (i.e. not likely to be accepted for direct entry)
  2. You'll do matriculation and graduation usually together with your full-time counterparts
  3. Direct-Form-Without-JAMB runs from Monday to Friday just like those who use JAMB to enter the same school.
  4. You're taught the same things as full-time counterparts
  5. You spend the 2 years for the Direct-Form-Without-JAMB (ND) like those who use JAMB to enter too (ND polytechnic on a full-time basis). You spend the same years for a degree Direct-Form-Without-JAMB as those who enter the same university with JAMB. In other words, a university course of four years with JAMB is also four years with the Direct-Form-Without-JAMB 
  6. Direct-Form-Without-JAMB will allow you to serve at NYSC on graduation (i.e. ND DPT plus HND full-time will serve). Degree Direct-Form-Without-JAMB (e.g. FUOYE) will allow you to serve at NYSC too.

So, What Then Are The Differences?

  1. Obviously, you need JAMB for full-time which you won't need for the direct form
  2. You will need JAMB regularization or part-time JAMB registration for the direct form which you won't need for full-time admission (except on a few occasions)
  3. You may pay higher in the application and tuition if you take a direct form (DPT) than candidates on full-time
  4. You may not receive lectures together with candidates on full-time i.e. different venues or campuses
  5. When on strike direct admission students may still be on campus, receiving lectures while full-time students are affected by strikes


One of the best and smartest means to gain admission to polytechnics and universities, these days, is through the direct-form-without-JAMB.

If you won't mind differences in the school fees,  classes/venues and sometimes, the period of lectures, and everything else is the same with those who gain admission with JAMB.

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  1. Is possible fore to secure admission with my NCE without JAMB.


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