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How Long Does JAMB Regularisation Take to Be Approved?

Possible Place Where You Have the Delay in the Regularisation Process
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Some prospective DE applicants and graduates are frustrated with the delay in the approval of their regularisations.

They were done with online registrations. They’d submitted the indemnity form to the schools but no approvals yet sent to their emails.

Some had taken more than a month. Some had waited for 5 months. Returning back to their schools, they could not understand if the delay was from JAMB or their schools.

In most cases, schools will blame the delay to JAMB. And if you visit the nearest JAMB office, they will say it’s the school's fault. This is why a candidate may be asking, "how long does JAMB regularisation will take before the approval?"

So, whose fault? How long will regularisation approval take for real? Who is delaying the approval?

The answer according to JAMB is in this post. Let's dive into it.

Possible Place Where You Have the Delay in the Regularisation Process

In brief, this is the procedure for JAMB regularisation.
  1. You visit a café or CBT centre to register
  2. After the application, they give you an indemnity form
  3. This will be taken to your previous school for signing, stamping, and approval.
  4. The school then sends the form to the right JAMB office for approval.
  5. JAMB approves it and sends you an email notification that you’d successfully done your regularisation with approval given.
  6. Then, you’re instructed to print your JAMB admission letters

That’s all.

With the procedures above, the delay will usually happen between JAMB and your school. We have the knowledge that some schools usually wait for more and more candidates to submit their applications before they can send them in bulk to the JAMB office.

This is more likely going to be where the issue is. But you’re confused when the school denies and blames it on JAMB. They claim they'd sent it to JAMB and that JAMB has not just done its own part.

But what does JAMB say to this?

JAMB Claims Schools Delay Your Regularisations Approval

According to the matriculation board, they usually complete their approval within 24 hours of collecting the stamped indemnity forms from your schools.

If this is true, it’s obvious schools are unnecessarily delaying the forwarding of collected forms to JAMB.

Hence, if you must know where the problem is, go to your schools and complain. They need to be disturbed (more likely) before they can take the submission seriously.

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