How to Get Profile Code for JAMB Part-Time, DLC, Sandwich -

How to Get Profile Code for JAMB Part-Time, DLC, Sandwich

When deciding to go for a school part-time programme be it a daily or weekend one, you'll be asked before being offered admission by the school or after being offered to register with JAMB under the JAMB part-time form.

The same is your fate if you go for any of the:

  1. distance learning programme
  2. sandwich programme
  3. inter-university transfer admission

In case, your school has not asked you to do the JAMB part-time, JAMB distance learning, JAMB sandwich or JAMB transfer registration yet, sooner or later, you'll be asked to.

While trying to do the registration, the first requirement is to create a JAMB profile will make generating a JAMB profile necessary.

As a result, concerned applicants are now asking how to generate JAMB profile codes for their part-time, distance and other related admission types.

In this post, I will be showing you how to go about that and add insights into possible confusion you're already having.

Send NIN to 55019 in an SMS To Get Profile Code

Lately, JAMB has got a unified method to get the JAMB profile code or create the JAMB profile for any candidates seeking admission into:

  1. full-time programme (though UTME, Direct Entry, Transfer)
  2. part-time programme (e.g. daily, weekend, distance learning, sandwich)

Interestingly, to get a JAMB profile code for any of the above programmes, you'll follow the same instructions.

Hence, in any of the cases, to create a JAMB profile or get the profile code, you'll follow the procedures below.

  1. Text NIN 11-digit NIN to 55019 (Like this: NIN 16252728191)
  2. After this, you will receive a reply through an SMS confirming that JAMB has received your requestion
  3. You'll be debited with N50 by the network you're using
  4. After that, you'll receive another SMS, all things being equal, which will contain your full name and the profile code requested.

When you receive the last message, you now have your JAMB profile code. This is the number that will be used to apply for any of JAMB UTME, DE, part-time, distance learning, sandwich or transfer admission.

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What If You Already Have a JAMB Profile Code In Recent UTME/DE?

There are situations such as:

  1. a candidate once obtained the UTME form but could not gain admission with that. Then, he later decided to process the part-time, distance-learning or sandwich admission
  2. a candidate who generated a JAMB profile code for UTME but didn't even obtain the UTME form with that. Now, want to consider part-time, distance-learning or sandwich  admission
  3. candidates who had completed their ND, NCE etc. but want to consider direct entry on part-time, distance-learning or sandwich
  4. candidates who got their admissions through UTME and later want to process transfer admission at 100/200 level to another university

In all the situations above, you must have once got your JAMB profile code. This time, if you want to process a part-time, distance-learning or sandwich admission, you won't need to regenerate a new JAMB profile code. You're to use the same code definitely.

Let me explain.

A candidate has only one NIN (just like every Nigerian) and that can't be changed. When you generated the profile code back then, the NIN was tied to the profile code and vice versa. As a result, for any subsequent admission or admission-related activities, you'll be using the same NIN (so also the same profile code).

In short, the profile code, can't be changed!

Even if you refollow the process to get the profile code, as earlier detailed or as you once followed, you'll still be given the same profile code give back then.

And if you ask, "What if you change the line/SIM/number?", you'll be greeted with an error telling you that you've once generated a profile code on another line. Which implies, using the same line".

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The method to create the JAMB profile or generate the JAMB profile code for part-time, distance learning, sandwich and transfer admission is the same as the method being used for the JAMB profile code for UTME/DE.

However, if you've once got a profile code for UTME/DE, you will still use the same code if you must process part-time, distance learning, sandwich and transfer admission.

Nothing is wrong with that which is officially accepted. And it's definitely the only way since no candidate can be given two profile codes or can change his or her profile code after having been tied to his or her NIN.

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