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When Will Iree Poly Start Giving Admission for DPT?

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I've been receiving this question not only from my online clients and readers but also from students who I personally assisted with filling out forms at my office. They are asking when Osun State Polytechnic will be admitting its DPT aspirants.

In fact, just recently two of the candidates who applied through me returned to tell me that they received intel from the school that some lists have been released. So, they wanted to check their status too, and if not yet, wanted to know why?

In this post, we'll discuss so that you can know when the lists will be out, what could be delaying yours if any, and whether your admission is sure or not.

Osun State Polytechnic Iree Has a Long Sales Period for Its DPT Form

One important point to start with is to let you know that Osun State Polytechnic Iree is usually not in a hurry to finish selling its admission forms for the daily part-time program. The Polytechnic has sold this application for over 4 months in the past - very recently for three months.

In fact, sometimes when they open the portal and you read its closing is 60 days, that is usually a tentative closing date. On the last day, you should not be surprised if the management extends the sale of the form. They may add up to another 60 days or about 30 days.

I'm telling you this from personal experience as a consultant. I've assisted people over the years, witnessing the same timetable to date.

The Polytechnic Usually Gives Admission After About 2 Months It Starts Selling

With that first point out of the way, you should also learn that the polytechnic won't just offer you admission as soon as you fill out and submit your online application. You'll have to wait for usually two months before you can expect the lists especially if you're early to fill forms.

In fact, sharing my experience, I can assure you that if you apply within the first week of the portal opening, you're one of the first set of applicants who will have to wait for the polytechnic to have more and enough applicants before they can be releasing lists. With this, the first announced closing date may be over before the first list will be out.

After that first list, the management will continue receiving new applicants, having extended the sales. Then, later lists will be continual - meaning that subsequent lists, after the first list, won't take as long as the first list released. In fact, some will be offered a few days or weeks after online application.

In summary, if you apply later after the first closing date, the first or second lists, you should expect your admission faster than those who obtained the form earlier and waited for the first list - that seemed to take a decade.

Your Admission Is Certain If Your O'level Results Meet Requirements

See, one of the very sure admissions is the daily part-time program. These schools, including Osun State Polytechnic Iree, don't have any other reason not to offer you admission except if your O'level results don't merit it.

Speaking of merit, all DPT admission offers are based on merit. Since you're not writing any exams or UTME to be admitted into the course, your O'level is what matters here. So, do you have the 5 subjects required for the course you propose? If yes, your admission is 100% sure. If you want to know if you have the correct WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB subjects for the proposed course, check the admission requirements here.

So, you don't need to worry, at least not yet. As long as the admission form is still on sale or more lists are being released, you don't have to worry about not being admitted. It will soon be your turn if your O'level results are right for that course and you make them at least on credit level (e.g. C6).

In Case You Don't Know How To Check

It's not uncommon to see prospective Iree DPT applicants expecting the management to send them SMS or email messages informing them of their admission. So, some wait patiently to receive good news on their phones or emails. Well, that's unlikely.

The Polytechnic offers a generally available method for applicants to follow up on their admission status. All it takes is to log in to your application portal using your form number and chosen password (during the registration), then navigate to the section "Check Admission Status" to know your fate. To put that in steps:

  1. Visit https://portal.ospoly.edu.ng/student/pre/portal/login
  2. Enter your username (your form number) e.g. OSP/2023/61773
  3. Enter your portal password set during the registration (if you don't remember this, you can click on "forgot password" to reset a new password through your registered email)
  4. On your dashboard, click "Admission" then "Check Admission Status"

If you're not yet admitted, you'll see "No Admission yet". Then, you can check back later.

The Need For JAMB Part-Time (CAPS) Registration

You might have heard that there is a registration you still have to do with JAMB as a DPT applicant. This registration with JAMB is called JAMB part-time registration - some call it JAMB CAPS for part-time applicants. Of course, if you registered your Iree DPT form with an experienced person like me, he ought to have told you that JAMB part-time registration is equally important.

In case they didn't tell you, here you have it for free. You must register also with JAMB in fact, it won't matter if you took JAMB or not. However, where most people face confusion is whether they have to do that registration before being offered admission or after being offered. Well, as for this polytechnic, at the time of this writing, you can be offered admission before being told to obtain the JAMB part-time form. Also, you can obtain the JAMB part-time form first, then wait for the school to offer you admission.

If you seek my professional advice, I will advise you to register with JAMB as soon as you complete your Iree DPT online application. In other words, you don't have to wait for the polytechnic to offer you admission before you fill out the JAMB part-time form. Don't forget, I assure you that your DPT admission is sure if you apply correctly with your O'level result meeting the requirements for the proposed course. Hence, no need to wait for any negative fate - go on to register for the JAMB part-time form.

To register, you can use the service of any CBT center or JAMB office around you - not necessarily the one in your state of origin or residence. Tell them you've come for the JAMB part-time registration, they know what to do. Then you'll need the name of the polytechnic, course, and application number during the registration. Hence, take your Iree DPT printout along to have direct access to that information.

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