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I Registered JAMB, Do I Still Need JAMB Part-Time Registration?

I've established some facts about the JAMB part-time registration.

I've told you that:

  1. it's a "must" for candidates seeking admissions into daily and regular part-time programmes in any university, polytechnic, or college of education
  2. to do it, you need the service of the nearest JAMB office or accredited CBT center as cafes are not allowed to do that right now
  3. that distance learning and sandwich candidates will as well need it
  4. that the main purpose of this online application is to let you have a valid JAMB registration number (in the board's database) for future purposes such as NYSC mobilization.

We've all known that part-time programmes are the best for candidates who didn't write JAMB or don't want to write it but still, want to gain admission. And for them to have valid JAMB registration numbers, there is the need to register with JAMB too even though this doesn't involve any exams after. 

Meanwhile, if you had already done JAMB UTME, in the same year, but still want to consider the part-time form of the same or another school, will you still need the JAMB part-time application?

In other words, if it's the JAMB registration number that necessitates the JAMB CAPS part-time application, why not just use the UTME (full-time) registration in place? So, no need to go for another registration?

Let me break this question down.

Yinka registered for 2020 JAMB UTME and processed admission into a full-time programme of a university or polytechnic. But when it seems as if things won't be favourable, he decides to quit chasing the full-time admission.

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He then chose to go for a daily part-time programme. With this, he has read somewhere that he must register for the JAMB part-time form.

He now wants to know that, since he already has a valid JAMB registration number for the year (which he got from the UTME registration), is it compulsory for him, also, to apply for the JAMB PT form. 

Or he can just use the JAMB registration number he got through the UTME registration to process the part-time programme of that polytechnic?

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The JAMB Registration Number for UTME is for the Full-time Program

Candidates who have valid UTME registration numbers but now want to consider part-time programmes should note that the number was originally meant for full-time admission. Hence, the number is not a direct replacement for the registration number to be given to you for the JAMB part-time form.

This is because, if you go for the JAMB part-time registration, it's the new polytechnic or school you wish to pursue its part-time form that will be on your JAMB slip - not the old institution on the UTME registration slip you already have.

Therefore, the former won't be a replacement for the latter.

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JAMB Part-Time Application can still be done on the UTME Registration Number

While at the point of the JAMB part-time registration, the JAMB or CBT attendant may likely ask if you'd already done JAMB for the same year. He will want to know if you'd quite chasing full-time admission before chasing the part-time course.

And if he doesn't ask, you may take the courage to let him know that you'd obtained the JAMB UTME form for the year and now wish to quit the earlier full-time programme chase for the new part-time programme.

If your answer is YES, he can do the JAMB part-time application on the old UTME registration number. So, instead of giving you a new JAMB registration number, they will be registered for the part-time form using the existing UTME number.

p>Hence, the old UTME number is converted to the part-time number.

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JAMB Part-time is Still a Must even if You already have JAMB Registration Number

The summary of the two sections above is that even if you have sat for this year JAMB but eventually decided to move to the part-time programme, you're still required to do the JAMB part-time registration notwithstanding.

You can either get a new JAMB registration number from the JAMB part-time application or convert the existing UTME number to validate your new JAMB part-time application.

Therefore, don't mistake your UTME registration and its number as replacements for the compulsory JAMB registration for the part-time, distance learning, and sandwich candidates.

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