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Can I Process More Than One Admission in a Year?

Recently,  I got a few contacts, asking if they could process more than one admission in a year. These students were inquisitive to know if there was a regulation restricting students from applying to more than one school or limiting them to a particular number of admission attempts in a year.

Of course one of the admission seekers was trying to consider admission into a school of nursing, another admission to a university offering Nursing through JAMB, and another to a college of health technology.

Similarly, one asked if it's possible to process admission into the University of Ilorin - through JAMB. And if that wouldn't work, process the same university's JUPEB form, in the same year.

There are cases of students who want to process admission, into the same school, a part-time and full-time admission. Is this possible too?

In this post, I will be sure to answer these questions and related concerns.

You Can Process More Than One Admission To Different Schools in a Year

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), National Universities Commission (NUC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), or any other regulatory body has no law or regulation limiting a student from applying for or processing admission to more than one school per year. As you can afford, you're allowed to process admission into several schools of your choice.

In fact, your attempts can cut across universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs), and nursing schools, or colleges of health within the same year.

However, it's not even advisable to process two institutions using the same JAMB in a year. It's allowed but since two schools CAN'T give you admission at the same time, you're only left with the recommended option to try another school if one's admission won't be favorable.

In other words, if you're using JAMB, focus on one university, polytechnic, or college of education. Instead of obtaining the post-UTME forms of the two of your choices together, you can change to another school if one doesn't offer you admission.

In all, you're allowed to process admissions of all your choices in JAMB. More so, you can extend your search to schools/colleges of nursing, colleges of health, and so on - even in the same admission year.

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You Can Try Your Luck With Two or More Available Forms From The Same School

If a die-hard aspirant of a school and you're aware such a school e.g. university is selling different admission forms each year, you can obtain a few or all, if you can afford it, to try your luck.

For instance, a student of mine once processed a full-time admission to the Federal University Oye Ekiti, using JAMB. However, the admission lists didn't favor her.

As a result, we had to process admission into the same university's daily part-time programme. She was eventually offered the part-time form.

Similarly, a student who could not get Ladoke Akintola University Direct Entry to Full-time Nursing obtained the Distance Learning programme of the same university and was offered. In case that didn't work, we could have obtained the JUPEB form of the same university.

You're Not Limited to One School of Nursing and the College of Health

Similar to the cases addressed earlier, students who prefer going to schools/colleges of Nursing and those who care for colleges of health technology.

You're allowed to obtain the entrance forms of two or more schools/colleges of Nursing in a year. So also, you don't have any official hindrance to processing admissions into two or more colleges of health.

And you can obtain some schools/colleges of nursing form together with a few colleges of health technology too.

You Have To Be Conscious of Exam Clash Though

Even though you can process two universities or all your choices in UTME together, if you choose to, you should be aware that there can be a clash of two post-UTMEs/screening.

Candidates who are considering obtaining forms from two or three schools/colleges of nursing together should equally be mindful of the possibility of these schools scheduling their exams to hold on the same date/time.

We have seen this pattern in the past. Most schools usually set post-UTMEs to the dates being scheduled by other schools. Since most schools of nursing and colleges of health will sell forms around the same months of the year, their entrance exams are more likely to clash too.

Hence, any student who is interested in processing admission to more than two schools or two or three forms of the same schools should find out if one or two of these programmes won't require writing entrance exams e.g. daily part-time programmes and pre-degree of some universities e.g. UNILORIN. 

And where there will be exams, is there any available history to predict when the tests will fall or how distant apart the dates were.


Go ahead! Nobody can stop you from obtaining two or more forms together in a year. Once, you can afford them and you're sure the entrance won't clash or hold for some of these programmes, you're freer to take advantage of that opportunity.

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