Do I Need JAMB SIM/Line To Change Institutions/Courses, Data? -

Do I Need JAMB SIM/Line To Change Institutions/Courses, Data?

JAMB Attached SIM

When it comes to changes in JAMB data like institutions or courses, candidates need not worry about having access to their original SIM cards used for registration, as these changes can be made without requiring the specific SIM card. Instead, candidates can visit accredited CBT centers or JAMB offices for modifications, with fingerprint capturing serving as a security measure. However, while the SIM card may not be necessary for these changes, it's advisable to retrieve lost or damaged SIMs for future admission-related activities, such as receiving admission notifications or utilizing JAMB's USSD services.

Several candidates had lost their SIMs, used to register JAMB. Some got theirs blocked or damaged. As a result, they got some head punches when JAMB forced them to check their results through SMS before they could access it online at a later date.

Coming from that trauma, the affected candidates, and those who know them, are now worried about the change of institutions, courses, and similar data if it'll require them to use their SIMs.

Candidates are concerned about the lost lines if JAMB change of institutions and courses will, at a point, require the use of that SIMs to get SMS or for any purpose whatsoever.

In this post, I will be answering the question of whether you will need your JAMB phone line or SIM for the change of institutions and courses or any change of data e.g. names, state, local government, date of birth, etc.

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Change of Institutions, Courses, and Other Data Won't Need Candidates' Phone Lines/SIMs

As of now, JAMB's change of data, which includes the correction of institutions, courses, names, date of birth, and state/local government of origin will not require using candidates' JAMB phone numbers or its SIMs.

Just as you won't need NIN for the change of JAMB data, the use of a profile phone number is not required here too.

Although in the past, JAMB used candidates' lines to send the OTP that they would use for change of data, a kind of security to be sure that candidates were aware of the changes within their profiles, since the 2021 admission year, the board allows change of data without the use of SIMs/or JAMB-attached phone number.

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As a relief, if you've lost or damaged your JAMB line, all that is required to change your data is to visit the nearest accredited CBT center (for change of institutions and courses) or JAMB office (for change of names, date of birth, state/local government of origin) and request for the changes.

The attendant or official will only ask for your JAMB registration number and/or JAMB profile code. With this, they will log in to your profile and make the right changes for you.

For security, all these changes, now, require fingerprint capturing. Hence, no one can alter your information without you or your consent or in your absence.

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SIMs Lost Should Be Retrieved or Recovered Notwithstanding

Having established that you won't need your lost JAMB-attached SIM/line for the change of institutions, that doesn't advocate that you shouldn't bother about retrieving the phone number.

Where possible, get the line back as you may need the line subsequently for other things regards your admission.

For example,

  1. If you must write another JAMB, you will still need to use the same line, to resend your profile code, since your profile code has been tied to that line and your NIN. You can only bypass that if you can still recollect or remember your JAMB profile code
  2. Some institutions usually transfer students from their original courses of choice to others. Although individual admission seeker can see that, if he or she regularly checks CAPS, very many will not do that, until they receive SMS(es) from JAMB or the schools that they've been transferred. Whereas, JAMB/schools can only send SMS through the lost JAMB-attached line/SIM
  3. In fact, JAMB has been motherly, lately, by sending SMS to candidates when offered admission by their schools of choice or any other schools that may be interested in them. Although without admission SMS from JAMB or the school, you can still know if you're admitted, if you're checking by yourself, if you will rely on the SMS, the line is strictly what they will contact you on if you'll have such opportunities.
  4. Related to that, JAMB has initiated a system to check admission status if you're having trouble using its portal, by using your JAMB line to send an SMS and get instant feedback if offered admission.


I don't have any doubt that JAMB's change of institutions, courses, and similar data will not require the use of SIM or a registered JAMB line. Your physical presence and fingerprint capturing, during the changes are all that matter. However, recovering your lost, blocked, or damaged SIM may be required for similar admission activities.

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