Can I Use My Last UTME Profile Code For DE Registration? -

Can I Use My Last UTME Profile Code For DE Registration?

The norm now is to generate your profile code before obtaining the DE form just as you did back when you were seeking 100-level admission into a university, polytechnic, college of education, college of nursing, or innovation enterprise institution (IEI).

Back then, you sent your NIN to 55019 to get the profile code which was in turn used to buy your UTME PIN used for the JAMB registration.

Now, you're done with your National Diploma (ND), Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE), etc., and wish to further your studies into a university through JAMB Direct Entry (DE). So, you're asking - do you have to generate a new profile code or used the same profile code generated when seeking your first admission for the ND, NCE, HND, or BSC back then.,

Similarly, some candidates had done the JAMB part-time registration in the past while seeking part-time admission. Some had done the JAMB regularization to normalize their irregular admission a few years ago. 

All these candidates were required, back then, to generate profile codes that they used for those registrations. They're now trying to know if they can just use the profile codes they last generated or get new ones for their Direct Entry applications.

In this post, I will answer your questions and shed more light and related concerns.

You're Going to Use the Same Profile Code For DE

When trying to obtain a DE form, you're to generate and use a profile code. Yet, you're only tied to the same profile code used in the past. Hence, you're using the same profile code this time too.

Whether you got the profile code for UTME, JAMB part-time, or regularization, you're tied to that code. The same code will be used for all your JAMB activities till you're no longer a student.

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Making An Attempt to Generate A New Code Will Not Work

Even if you try to get another code for any reason at all, it won't work.

Let me explain!

If you use the phone number/line used to generate the profile code, back then, the same code will be sent to you. If you still have the record of the first code, compare it with the new one received. You'll see that they're just one. No difference!

And if you've lost the old number/line/SIM or you just chose to use another line to get the profile code this time, the error will be that the profile code has already been generated with that other SIM/line or number.

With this error, you're being told to use the old number to get the profile code back - which means that it's the same profile code they will resend to you.

In fact, if you've lost the other line, you're to do "welcome back" or be forced to report to the JAMB office for a phone line reset. Else, you're stuck here or may never be able to do your DE registration.

Luckily, if you can't get the line back or profile code but you can still log in to your old JAMB portal, you can recover the profile code right at the top of your dashboard.

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One Candidate, One NIN, One SIM, One Profile Code, One JAMB Portal

The summary of what JAMB is doing now is that one candidate and his or her NIN will be tied to a SIM used to get the first profile code. The same profile code will be used for all his present and future admission-related activities.

As you must have known, the profile code emanated from your NIN. Hence, the information on the profile code and JAMB portal was exported from the NIN. This piece of information will remain the same even for the Direct Entry application unless you once or later correct anything on NIN or later through JAMB change of data.

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Everything on your JAMB portal starts with your NIN, through to a SIM, through to the profile code, and finally to the JAMB portal.

With this, a student is tied to one valid JAMB portal. Data for subsequent admission activities will remain the same as long as you're a still student or after.

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