How To Know If My JAMB Profile Was Created -

How To Know If My JAMB Profile Was Created

This question can be asked in other ways. "How can I know my email has been linked with the JAMB portal?" Or, "If I've linked my email to the JAMB portal, does that mean I've created my JAMB profile?".

This is because the only way to create (activate) a JAMB profile is by linking your email with the JAMB portal. Once you link your email to the JAMB portal, it means your JAMB profile has been activated. And if you can log in to your JAMB profile, it means you've linked your email, whether you know it or not.

But this simple explanation can still be difficult for a candidate seeking admission for the first time.

In this post, there is a need to expatiate further about the creation of the JAMB profile and guide you on how to make good use of it.

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JAMB Profile Creation Started When You Registered for JAMB

If you're doubting if you've created your JAMB profile or not, the deal is that you've done that since the day you started your JAMB UTME/DE processing.

Let me explain.

Back then, JAMB instructed all admission seekers, either for UTME or DE to send their NINs to 55019. You also sent that. Remember NIN 617188485969 to 55019?  That's how you started creating your JAMB profile.

You got a profile code after you sent the SMS and #50 debited? That's your JAMB profile code. It was this code you took to the CBT centre or JAMB office to buy and register for JAMB UTME/DE. 

Now, it's time to be processing the admission proper. You must be following the admission stages and updates in CAPS. Hence, you want to have access to log in to the JAMB CAPS, JAMB profile or JAMB e-facility.

To do that, you will be logging in through the official link

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However, you can't just log in straight. You will need to create an email or if you already have a working email, you can use that too. You will take that email to the nearest accredited CBT centre to activate your profile for you.

In other words, you've created your profile with the SMS you sent back then and the profile code collected. But you need to activate its portal by linking a working email to the JAMB portal at an accredited CBT centre.

Immediately the CBT centre links your email to the JAMB portal, your JAMB profile is ACTIVE for life and you can log in to it on any computer or phone connected to the internet.

Before you can log in, check inside the email linked, JAMB system must have sent a default password you will be using to log into your JAMB portal/profile.

If you don't have the password yet, use the forget the password link, so as to resend it to the email.

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To log in, to the JAMB profile, henceforth, visit and enter the linked email and the password JAMB sent to your email.

In summary, once you got the JAMB profile code, your profile is created but it only got activated, to be used on the internet, when you linked your email with.

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If You Change Institutions/Courses After JAMB, You've Automatically Created a JAMB Profile

To activate the JAMB profile, some candidates will go to CBT centers for that purpose. They will submit their working email and get the profile live. Linking email activates your JAMB profile!

However, some candidates may not need to go for the linking of email again if they want to change institutions/courses or if they've already done that.

When changing institutions/courses, the CBT centre will need to link your email at the same time. Hence, if they did changes for you, they've also linked the email and activated your JAMB profile altogether.

Therefore, those who have changed institutions/courses won't need to take emails back to CBT centres again for linking or activation of the profile. It's already linked and the profile was activated.

Just log in to your email and look for the password sent to it by JAMB (the same date you changed the institutions/course). You will then visit the official e-facility page Enter the email used for the changes and the password collected from your email to log in.

If you don't see the password in the email used for the changes, you can use the reset password link to get another one.

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If you've taken a functioning email to the JAMB CBT centre and linked it with the JAMB portal, you've created a JAMB profile and it's activated for you to use. If you've not linked any, do it now to be able to access your JAMB profile/CAPS.

However, if you've changed institutions/courses, earlier or you're about to do that, once done, you've activated your profile which you can access following the procedures already shared in this post.

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