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Will Part-Time Students Take Post UTME?

After obtaining any part-time form, the next thing is to be admitted. However, there is confusion as to whether the proposed schools will require part-time aspirants to take entrance exams usually called post-UTMEs.

Grammar apart, we can call such the entrance exam. Any exam after writing JAMB UTME is regularly called the post-UTME. Any exam after obtaining part-time should just be called an entrance exam/test.

As a part-time applicant (whether daily or weekly), should you be expecting any exams? Or you'll also be partaking in the post-UTME?

Most Schools Won't Write Post UTME or Any Exam For Part-Time Candidates

Almost all schools that are offering part-time programmes will not conduct entrance exams for their aspirants. Polytechnics which include..

  1. Federal Polytechnic Offa
  2. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro
  3. The Polytechnic Ibadan
  4. Federal Polytechnic Ado
  5. Osun State Polytechnic Iree
  6. Osun State Collège of Technology, Esa-Oke, etc.

...won't bother their aspirants with any test before being admitted.

While some will admit you as soon as you later fill out the JAMB part-time form and submit a copy to the school admission offices, e.g. Federal Polytechnic Offa, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, some can even offer you admission without the JAMB part-time form (which you will be asked to do sooner or later).

In the same vein, universities, such as the Federal University Oye Ekiti, National Open University (NOUN), Osun State University, etc. will not require their part-time aspirants to take tests before being admitted. 

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These Universities and Polytechnics Will Do Screening Instead

The fact that the above-listed universities and polytechnics won't write exams doesn't mean that you won't be checked before being offered admission.

You'll be required, instead, to come for the physical screening which involves submission and checking of your credentials to a specified office.

When the officials check and confirm your qualifications, you'll be admitted. Otherwise, you'll be rejected.

Some Schools May Include Part-Time Candidates In Their Entrance Tests

On a good day, as a part-time applicant, you're supposed to be exempted from all forms of entrance exam, some universities and polytechnics will, however, remain stubborn - hence, inviting their candidates for entrance exams just like their full-time applicants.

The Federal Polytechnic Ede, if it conducts post-UTME instead of screening, will invite both its full-time and part-time candidates for the exam at the same time.

Similarly, universities such as Obafemi Awolowo University DLC, the University of Ibadan DLC, the University of Lagos DLC, etc. will ask you to attend a test before admission consideration.


For many schools that are offering part-time programs, entrance tests or post-UTMEs are not required for their admission. Only online registration and physical screening are the norms.

However, for a few others, as covered in the post, you may still be called for a test before admission.

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