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Without JAMB, Can I Study Medicine, Nursing, Law, Pharmacy etc.?

A few competitive science courses include Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science etc.

However, the norm is that if you seek admission for any of these courses, you will do that with JAMB UTME or JAMB DE (for those who qualify for direct entry).

More so, because these courses are competitive, you'll also be required to not only pass JAMB but score very competitively. A score below 250 is daunting for a course such as Nursing, Medicine and the like.

What if you don't want to write JAMB? Can you still go for any of these courses without JAMB? Or if you fail your JAMB, can you enter with your SSCE (O'level) only?

In this post, I will be answering your questions. I will be clarifying things for you if you want to do Medicine, Nursing, etc. without JAMB.

Generally, Admission Without JAMB Are Called Part-Time

As a matter of fact, any course you plan to do, on a full-time basis, will require JAMB. That's the condition! If however, you decide to go for a part-time course (such as daily part-time or weekend part-time) or distance learning such as LAUTECH ODL, OAU DLC, UI DLC, UNIABUJA DLC, NOUN etc., you won't need to do JAMB.

However, courses like Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Lab, Law, etc., are usually not approved or run on a part-time or distance learning basis. And where a distance learning or part-time programme includes that, it may be for candidates who are already holders of RN, RM or a related degree or diploma.

Hence, with just SSCE, even if those courses are conducted on a part-time basis, you won't be admitted. Only those who had completed a related programme will qualify to apply and be considered in the end.

With this situation, it's safe to conclude that if all you have is SSCE, you can't study any of these courses, be it on a full-time or part-time basis, without obtaining the JAMB form, sitting for it and passing considerably convincing.

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If You Fear JAMB, You Can Still Study These Courses If You Have A'levels

Truth be told, some people are asking if they can do Medicine without JAMB just because they missed obtaining or writing UTME. However, some candidates won't just want to write JAMB no matter what. Difficulty in passing JAMB s one thing to fear. Post-UTME is still waiting for candidates whose schools are conducting entrance exams.

If you belong to the latter, you can still study Medicine, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. with programmes such as IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge A'level, School Diploma, etc., without sitting for JAMB or passing one for that matter.

With any of these A'level programmes, you're qualified to study any of these courses by just obtaining the JAMB Direct Entry form. With this, you won't be writing UTME. You're allowed to choose the university of interest during the registration and consider any course of your choice.

Of course, not all universities are accepting these programmes. It's your duty to check if your proposed university is accepting it. If Yes, which one? IJMB, JUPEB or Cambridge? You may want to know if the university has its own diploma programme e.g. FUOYE Diploma and if such courses are being given to these candidates.

With the result of your IJMB, JUPEB etc., together with your SSCE, you will do Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy at accepting universities, without writing or passing JAMB UTME.

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For Basic Nursing, Some Schools Don't Require JAMB

Let me start with this. If what you want is to study Nursing without JAMB, you can do that with basic nursing.

Of course, there are three types of Nursing for now. We have basic Nursing, ND/HND in Nursing, and BSC Nursing. While BSC Nursing is awarded at universities, some schools and colleges of Nursing give ND/HND in Nursing, while Basic Nursing is strictly offered by schools and colleges of Nursing.

Comparatively, we can say BSC Nursing is the best, while ND/HND Nursing and Basic Nursing are the better and good respectively. 

For both ND/HND and BSC in Nursing, you will need JAMB UTME. For Basic or general Nursing, you won't need JAMB UTME.

For reference, I've given you an updated list of schools and colleges of Nursing that won't require JAMB and those that will in my post, "Schools of Nursing That Do or Don't Ask for JAMB".

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Studying Abroad Doesn't Require JAMB

Another option is to study these courses abroad, either in neighboring African countries or in countries like the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, where admission requirements may be different from those in Nigeria.

However, especially for other African countries, you have to be careful as there may be limitations to accepting a few universities' certificates in Nigeria for future needs.

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It's easy to conclude that you will need JAMB UTME before you can gain admission to universities to study Medicine, Pharmacy, Law etc. That's just on a full-time basis. If a part-time programme will give you such a course, you don't need JAMB. However, they don't run these and most other courses on a part-time basis (at least not generally if at all).

One acceptable way to bypass JAMB UTME is through the Direct Entry form. However, you won't be able to use that medium except if you're qualified, among which is through A'level courses such as JUPEB, IJMB etc.

Hence, with your O'level and A'level, you won't need JAMB to be qualified for Medicine, Nursing, Law, Pharmacy etc. at very many accepting universities.

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