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Can a Graduate Be Admitted Into School of Nursing?

Once you finish HND or BSC, you may want to consider certain options, if you want to change your career/discipline. One such option is Nursing which you can have with a university offering Nursing or a School/College of Nursing.

Some graduates are frustrated in the labor market. And with the awareness that the Nursing profession is the hotcake, they want to change their direction and pick the school of Nursing form.

The question bothering many now is if it will be possible to gain admission into the school of nursing having completed a degree, HND, ND, or NCE.

A few will be asking this question because they've got the wrong information that JAMB would not be giving admission to someone who has already graduated from a university, polytechnic, or college of education.

Some will ask this because they're worried a law might have forbidden that or sanction could be waiting if it's found out they've graduated once.

In this post, let's explore to get answers to your question and related concerns.

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Graduates Can Obtain Schools of Nursing Forms and Be Admitted

Seeking admissions to schools and colleges of Nursing, by graduates of universities or polytechnics, is possible and allowed.

There is no law restricting you, as a BSC or HND holder, to obtain a school/college of nursing form.

First, not all schools/colleges of nursing admit through JAMB and those who admit through JAMB won't deny you if you merit their admission.

Seun was a graduate of Food Technology at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. While exploring the available options, after completing his 1st degree, such as going for a second degree, top-up/conversion degree, or graduate/postgraduate degree, his brother's invitation to the United States prompted him to consider the school of Nursing instead.

He picked a few schools of Nursing forms before winning the heart of the School of Nursing, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. He was admitted and is now a bonified student of the school.

I've been to a few entrance exams by certain schools of nursing too. Very many graduates, even corpers, have picked forms and partook in the entrance exams in chase of Basic Nursing or ND/HND in Nursing.

This is a clear indication that every graduate is allowed to process admission into a school of nursing without preference or discrimination.

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You Can't Use Your Degree, HND, NCE, or ND to Gain Admission Into Schools/Colleges of Nursing

Having said that you could still process a school of nursing, after being a graduate, you may want to know if you can use your BSC, HND, ND, or NCE, as an advantage over the SSCE holders.

As a matter of fact, your higher certificate is not acceptable for admission into schools/colleges of nursing. Strictly, the main requirement to process their admissions is the senior secondary school certificate (e.g. WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB). And in certain situations, the JAMB UTME, for schools/colleges of nursing that are awarding ND/HND.

In other words, if you have BSC, HND, etc., keep it. Look for your O'level result and process your admission with that.

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You Can Obtain Another JAMB For Admission For Degree In Nursing

If you want to change your pursuit/career, through the Nursing profession, another option is to go to a university to study Nursing. While basic Nursing will take 3 years, ND/HND in Nursing is 4 years and BSC Nursing is 5 years.

The first two are run by schools and colleges of Nursing. While the BSC in Nursing can only be obtained at universities

If you want to consider the latter, obtain another JAMB, write that, and process entry into Nursing, starting from100-level. You can also obtain a JAMB Direct Entry form with your degree (a BSC in a related health course can be accepted as a DE requirement of Nursing Science unlike HND, ND, or NCE). Entering through DE will give you a 200-level admission in Nursing.


It's safe to say if you merit admission, you can be offered a space by a school or college of nursing even though you're a graduate or already done with BSC, HND, NCE, or ND. Such an offer can be for Basic Nursing or ND/HND Nursing.

With that said, you can process admission into Basic Nursing (with SSCE only), ND/HND Nursing (with SSCE and JAMB UTME), or BSC in Nursing (with SSCE, plus JAMB UTME or SSCE plus JAMB DE).

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