Can I Use NABTEB Results for Nursing Admission? -

Can I Use NABTEB Results for Nursing Admission?

Can I use NABTEB Result for Nursing Admission? See Answer!
NABTEB holders keep asking if Schools of Nursing are accepting NABTEB results for admission. The prospective applicants for the National Business and Technical Examinations Board are also curious to know if they can use the results for Nursing admission. In other words, you want to know if one can be offered admission to Schools of Nursing with the NABTEB SSCE result.

This post will be my quick explanation of this.

Generally, NABTEB results are supposed to be acceptable for Nursing admission in Nigeria with effect from June 11, 2018.

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The following is the circular by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria with reference number N&MCN/SO/RO/067/NBTEB/Vol.1/57.

Is Using NABTEB Result For Nursing Admission Really Working?

The answer is NO and YES

It's working but not for all the schools of nursing yet.

Not all schools of nursing are accepting NABTEB to date. For example, checking the admission adverts of the following schools, nowhere NABTEB was mentioned as the SSCE entry requirement.

However, as of now, the following schools of nursing indicate that they’re accepting NABTEB.

  1. College of Nursing, Oke Ode, Kwara State 
  2. Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing 
  3. Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja School of Nursing
  4. Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing
  5. Kastina State School of Nursing and Midwifery
  6. Kaduna State College of Nursing 
  7. University Ilorin Teaching Hospital School of Nursing
  8. University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital School of Nursing
  9. Federal School of Nursing Ido Ekiti

Are Universities Accepting NABTEB for Nursing Admission?

Another thing to look at is; can someone use NABTEB for University Nursing (BSc Nursing) admission?

I covered this in my recent post. But to save time, NO!

Even though the circular above is enforcing the schools and colleges of nursing to accept the results, nowhere it mandates the universities offering degree in nursing to do the same.

In other words, even if colleges and schools of nursing should abide by this directive sooner, I'm not sure that will happen to any university any time soon. Several universities turn their backs to accepting NABTEB for Nursing. Even though the JAMB brochure may be silent on this, I don't recommend chasing BSC Nursing admission with NABTEB.

    Proceeding to Universities with Direct Entry 

    A related situation is;  if you gain your nursing admission (RN) with NABTEB but now wish to proceed to the university through Direct entry admission, can you be offered admission with the same SSCE result?

    This situation is new. But to prepare your mind, it may all depend on the receiving university's admission policy and waiver terms.

    In other words, schools that give value to your registered nursing certificate as the basis for the direct entry admission may accept it with the NABTEB it was placed on. Schools that give more value to O'level or both may deprive you of admission eventually.

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    We may be of the view that it may take a while before all schools of nursing will be accepting NATEB for admission. The circular, at the time of this post, is just about two years old.

    Though NABTEB will need to, beyond the circular, enforce it. They will need to place some enforcement mechanisms in place.

    Admission seekers should carefully read the school’s sales of form adverts to check if they’ve also adopted the use of NABTEB any time sooner.

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