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Can a Man Be a Nurse or a Woman Doctor in Nigeria?

A Male and a Female Nurse
The first time I got this question, it was from my JSS 3 daughter. She was curious to know if boys can become nurses. She seemed to have already known that women are nurses because her mother was one - and she still is.

When an admission seeker asked the same question, "Can males become nurses?", I saw a reason to write on the dilemma.

This post will answer the question in this discourse and will clear some misconceptions you might already been fed.

Not Every Male Hospital Official is a Doctor

If you are familiar with an average Nigerian, addressing a male attendant at a hospital, you're likely to hear the latter being called Doctor. This is very common around.

People generally refer to attending men in hospitals as doctors. This is usually because our literature and classes commonly portray men as doctors.

In the same vein, most people tend to address every female official in a hospital as a nurse. This is as well wrong. Not all attending females in a hospital is a nurse.

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Men and Women Can Be Either Doctors or Nurses

This is a direct answer to your question, "can a male become a nurse?". Yes, just like a female, a male can seek admission into any school of Nursing or universities offering Nursing/Nursing Science. After the completion of his course, he becomes a nurse just like every female Nurse you've seen.

In the same vein, a female admission seeker can consider any universities offering Medicine and Surgery in JAMB UTME if she determines to become a doctor. And after years of training, she graduates and becomes a qualified doctor.

As said earlier, you might have been attended to by a male Nurse or female doctor in the past but because you're yet to know that not every male attending to you is a doctor or every female attending to you is a Nurse, you might have mistaken him or her for a doctor/nurse.

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Male Nurses are no Different From Female Nurses

Except that they don't wear gowns, like female nurses, male nurses are the same as the females. Of course, female nurses are equally allowed to wear uniform shirts and trousers like males.

For every other thing; training, posting, assignments, limitations, and expectations, male nurses carry out the same activities as their female counterparts.


It's a misconception to conclude that males can't be nurses. Males are also in our hospitals and healthcare centers carrying out the same responsibilities as their female colleagues having undergone the same states of training and recruitments. The same applies to a female doctor.

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