Can I Link My Email to JAMB Portal At a Café? -

Can I Link My Email to JAMB Portal At a Café?

You've got the idea that you should link your email to the JAMB portal. For some students, this won't be needed again if the CBT center that registered UTMEs/DEs for them had already done that.

Such students will see the linked email right on their registration slips on submission and printing. However, those who were not asked for their emails or whose registration slips' email fields read "none", will still have to link.

However, because of certain limitations such as the distance to available CBT centers, money concerns, etc., some candidates are trying to do their linking with their regular cafes and business centers around them.

This is why they're asking if a café can link emails to the JAMB portal for them or if they just do the linking themselves.

In this post, I will be telling you what is possible and what is not when talking about emails linking to the JAMB portal.

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Cafés Can't Link Emails To JAMB Portal

Of course, cafes can handle a few things when it comes to your JAMB activities e.g. buying the JAMB PINsprinting JAMB results, etc., but these shops/businesses are not allowed to do the linking of emails to the JAMB portal.

Instead, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) opens the service of linking emails to the JAMB portal only to accredited CBT centers and its offices across the country.

Except if the SMS method can work, where a café can be of guardian, it is not capable or allowed to do the linking for you.

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You Can Try the SMS Linking Yourself

Talking of the linking of email to the JAMB portal through the use of text messages, a café can help. So also, you can do it yourself.

To link email with SMS, you will text your email to 55019 in the format below. 

EMAIL [email protected] [email protected]

The message must be sent using the phone line/SIM used to get your profile

If this method works, you'll be debited #50 and the password will be sent to you in a return message. 

With that, you've just successfully linked your email to the JAMB portal. Henceforth, you'll be using the email together with the password received (through the SMS) to log into the JAMB portal.

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As of now, cafes are exempted from linking emails to the JAMB point for UTME/DE candidates. If you're not closer to a CBT center or want to save some money, try the SMS method. 

Where that won't work, it's necessary to use the service of a CBT instead of a café.

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