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How to Check Admission Status With SMS

Admission status through SMS
If you have an Andriod or IOS phone such as Samsung or iPhone respectively, it may not be difficult for you to check your admission status online.

Especially the JAMB and schools admission status, which can be checked using the JAMB profile right on your phone, computer, or tablet browsers or app designed by JAMB itself for candidates to see their admission status.

However, candidates who don't have access to computers, smartphones, or tablets will also be able to use SMS. In the same way, if you can't afford the mobile data, you can just use SMS to check if you have been offered admission.

In this post, I will be showing you the official step by step guide to check your admission status for the year - using the short message service

Meanwhile, this method is only for the JAMB admission status checking. Candidates who wish to know if their school has offered them admission may instead use a phone browser or computer to check the school portal. And they may if the school uses that method. wait for possible SMS from their proposed universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education.

Knowing JAMB Admission Status Equals School Admission Status

If you're seeking full-time admission through UTME or DE to university, polytechnic, or college of education, the first place to know if you're admitted is through JAMB.

Although, it's possible that:

  1. JAMB may offer you admission before the school
  2. or the school may offer you admission before JAMB.

However, once JAMB offers you admission, it's impossible for the school to deny you. This is because the two parties usually agree on the same offer.

So, through using SMS, if you confirm your admission status, it's as simple as saying the school has also offered you the same admission. Hence, no need to search any further if this SMS method returns good news.

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What You Need To Check JAMB Admission Status Through SMS

  1. A phone - android, iPhone, or Basic Phone
  2. SIM used to get JAMB profile code during UTME/DE registration
  3. Make sure the SIM and/or phone can send SMS
  4. At least N50 on your balance.

Steps to Send SMS to Check Admission Status

  1. Text, using the SIM used for the JAMB registration, STATUS 2021 to 55019/66019
  2. A confirmation message will enter your phone after being charged N50.
  3. This message should state if you're offered admission for the year or not.


  1. In case of any issues or errors, retry. You can also post the error message in commenting to this post so that we can look into it together.
  2. Also, you can send complaint messages to JAMB through its official support page

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  1. I can't access my Jamb caps cause I opened with wrong details
    Any solution please

    1. Follow the procedures in the post below.

  2. Hw can I know if am given admission

    1. You can follow the guide in the post above. Then, you can follow those in the posts below.

  3. I tried login into the jamb caps online.
    It was saying invalid.
    Sir any solution

    1. You have to link your email to the JAMB portal first. See how to do that in the link below.

  4. Was saying invalid email format don't know how to go about it again sir

    1. If the SMS method can't help, use the online checking method instead. Read that guide through the link below.

  5. How do I check if I have been giving admission with my phone


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