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I Used Old Profile Code But Couldn't Buy PIN

I have received complaints from a JAMB student who faced difficulties using their 2020 profile code for a subsequent JAMB UTME registration. He read one of my posts explaining that modifying one's profile code is not possible due to the immutability of the associated National Identification Number (NIN). Consequently, admission seekers are bound to specific profile codes for all future JAMB registrations.

However, when presenting the old profile code at the JAMB office to obtain a new PIN, the transaction encountered an unexpected hurdle. Subsequently, the student contacted me for clarification on this issue.

In this detailed explanation, I aim to clarify the intricacies of the situation and provide a comprehensive guide on the necessary steps to rectify the circumstances.

Understanding the Importance of Reactivation

It is crucial to recognize that the intention to reuse an old profile code for future JAMB registrations does not negate the imperative need for reactivation. Reactivating the profile code is a standard and expected procedure, irrespective of its historical use. To execute this reactivation, one must revisit the process used during the initial generation of the profile code.

To initiate the reactivation, send your National Identification Number (NIN) to either 55019 or 66019. Importantly, use the same SIM or phone number employed during the initial generation of the profile code. Adhere to the specified format, starting with 'NIN' followed by a space and then inputting the 11-digit NIN (for example, 'NIN 45617829999').

Executing this action on the original SIM/line will prompt the system to resend the profile code, allowing the individual to leverage it for the new registration. Although the regenerated profile code retains the same alphanumeric sequence, this straightforward process is pivotal in reactivating the profile code for renewed use.

Deeper Observations Regarding JAMB 2020 or Earlier

A nuanced observation suggests that even if one resends the SMS for reactivation, candidates who generated their profile codes after 2020 (specifically in 2021 or later) might still use the old profile code without undergoing the reactivation process. This, however, depends on the candidate retaining the same SIM card.

Conversely, candidates predating 2021 are generally mandated to undergo the reactivation process before reusing the profile code. In these cases, the indispensability of using the original SIM/line from the time of code generation becomes evident. The correlation between the SIM and the profile code is paramount, and losing the original SIM necessitates retrieval from the service provider.

The importance of the SIM is underscored by its role as a key identifier in the JAMB registration process. Without it, the reactivation process becomes unattainable, rendering candidates unable to register using their old profile code. Hence, candidates are advised to exercise diligence in retaining and safeguarding the original SIM card associated with the profile code.

However, it's essential to note that the situation is not universally applicable to candidates across all years. For those who generated their profile codes after 2020, the system seems to exhibit a level of flexibility, potentially allowing the reuse of old profile codes without the stringent requirement of reactivation.

Practical Steps for Candidates

For candidates facing this predicament, the following practical steps are advised:

  1. Retain Original SIM Card: Ensure the retention and safekeeping of the original SIM card used during the initial generation of the profile code. This step is particularly crucial for candidates predating the year 2021.
  2. SIM Retrieval: In the event of a lost SIM card, promptly initiate the retrieval process through the respective service provider. This action is indispensable for candidates who cannot locate their original SIM.
  3. Reactivation Procedure: If the original SIM is intact, execute the reactivation procedure by resending the NIN to the designated numbers (55019 or 66019) in the specified format ('NIN' followed by a space and the 11-digit NIN).
  4. System Flexibility: Acknowledge the potential variability in the system's requirements based on the year of profile code generation. While candidates post-2020 might have a degree of flexibility, those from earlier years are encouraged to adhere strictly to the reactivation process.


In conclusion, the incident reported, where an old profile code could not successfully vend a PIN for JAMB registration, underscores the intricacies of the reactivation process. Reactivating the profile code is not merely a formality; it is a crucial step in ensuring the continued usability of an old profile code.

The observations made regarding the flexibility of the system for candidates post-2020 highlight the need for nuanced considerations based on the year of profile code generation. While candidates from later years might experience leniency, those predating 2021 must diligently adhere to the reactivation process, emphasizing the importance of the original SIM card.

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