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Faculty On My JAMB Is Wrong. Why? Solutions!

There are times you can spot a supposed error in the faculties of the courses you chose in UTME or when you change institutions/courses.

A student contacted me about such a mix-up when he noticed that after registering for JAMB, a course was placed under the wrong faculty in the school. Similarly, a candidate who saw the same after changing institutions/courses was curious to know why and what to do about it.

Let me break down this complexity.

If you register for UTME/DE or change institutions/courses, you will choose a course under each of the four schools chosen. Below each course, JAMB will indicate the faculty of the course belongs. See the picture below.

Courses and faculties as shown on a JAMB result 

However, after checking their courses and faculties, some candidates have noticed these mistakes.

Imagine the Mass Communication, in the example above, as placed under the Faculty of Social Science. Shouldn't it be under the Art faculty? After all, Mass Communication is an Art course!

Similarly, a student who chose Special Education/Biology at Federal College Of Education (Special), Oyo, Oyo State was placed under the faculty of Art.

One student reported that he saw the faculty of Engineering instead of health for his course, "Science Laboratory Technology".

Why all these mix-ups and what to do about them to avoid being denied admission or any possible future implications?

The Alleged Mistake in the Faculties is Not an Error

It's easy to conclude that it was the CBT centre that chose the wrong faculty for your course. The clarification is that CBT centres or JAMB officials, who registered your JAMB UTME/DE or changed institutions/courses, were not allowed to choose faculties. They only select the schools and courses you want them. It's the board's system that would automatically assign faculties to the courses.

Hence, don't blame a CBT attendant or a JAMB official for that.

Why will the system assign the wrong faculties?

You only think those faculties are wrong but they're not. And if they are, the error should be from the schools you propose themselves.

Let me explain.

JAMB Designed It Registration Platforms With Schools Submissions

Similar to the JAMB brochure, the board's registration platforms already contained the courses and faculties submitted by all schools. So, when registering for JAMB or changing institutions/courses, the system automatically shows courses available at a school, as submitted by that school, and the faculties as well.

Unfortunately, a CBT centre or JAMB official can't manually change the facilities. Once they pick a course, the system will assign its faculty. 

In other words, if a course is not in a school or submitted by the school, even if you want to pick it up in JAMB, the system won't load such. It's strictly the courses/faculties submitted that the JAMB system would import, exactly as the school sent it.

But why will a school send the wrong faculty for its course?

I don't want to join you in claiming the school made a mistake too. Why?

Faculties are Different Among Schools

Schools don't categorize courses the same way. A school may place "Science Laboratory Technology" under "Health Faculty" while another school places it under "Engineering Faculty".

And for real, the course is partly health and partly engineering. It's health because it's dealing with understanding blood and related matters. It's engineering because it involves the use of machines to understand blood.

Nutrition and Dietetics in some schools are under the faculties of health (especially when called Human Nutrition e.g. University of Ibadan (UI)). For many other schools, the course is under Agriculture faculty e.g. (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, (FUNAAB)).

At the University of Lagos (as seen in the picture above), Mass Communication is placed under the faculty of Social Science while the same course is placed under Arts at Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA).

While some schools will place Civil Engineering under the Engineering faculty, others will prefer to call it the Faculty of Environmental.

In short, you might misunderstand things if you think the school has made mistakes too. In most cases, it's intentional.

Faculty of Your Course, As It's in JAMB Is Nothing to Worry About

Although it's fine to be inquisitive, the good news is that the faculty of your course, whether truly wrong or intentional by the school, has nothing to do with you in the future or career. 

In the long run, what's important is the course and coming out with the best possible grade on your graduation.

There is no time, in the future, for jobs, scholarships, grants or bursaries, when the officials will ask for the faculty of your course. What remains constant is the course and the grade you have from it.


Don't blame your CBT centre or JAMB for the confusion caused by the faculty given to your course, it's usually intentional from your proposed school and if truly a mix-up, it's from the school.

In the end, it won't have any significant relevance to your course whether you prefer the name of the faculty or otherwise.

Wish you luck!

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