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List of Schools Accepting 2nd or 3rd Choice in 2021

List of Polytechnics that Accept Second (2nd) or Third (3rd) Choice for Admission
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Let’s talk about the list of Nigerian universities/polytechnics that accept second (2nd) or third (3rd) choices in UTME or for admission. 

I had earlier given you several possible ways to choose schools during the UTME registration. There, I said, it’s possible to choose polytechnics as the first, second, and/or 3rd choice. Also, I insisted that universities can only be chosen as first and second choices. That contradicted the popular way of choosing institutions (i.e Federal university, state university, polytechnic, and innovative enterprise institutes (IEI)). 

That post opens candidates’ minds to about 14 other possible combinations.

But will you be offered admission if you choose a university, polytechnic, or college of education as 2nd or 3rd choice? In other words, who are the universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education accepting second or third choice? This is a question this post stand to answer.

List of the Polytechnics You Can Choose as Second/Third choice

First, let’s address choosing polytechnics as the 2nd or 3rd choice in JAMB. Generally, you can choose the following polytechnics as your second or third institution:

  1. All federal polytechnics in Nigeria
  2. All state polytechnics in Nigeria
  3. All private polytechnics in Nigeria

JAMB allows you, during the UTME registration or change of institutions/courses to choose any polytechnic as your first, second, or third institution. Hence, nothing is wrong with that.

List of the Universities You Can Choose as Second/Third choice

A majority of federal universities can't be chosen as the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice. This especially is talking about our old and premier universities. For example, you won't be able to choose the likes of UNILAG, UI, UNIBEN, ABU, UNILORIN, UNN, UNIZIK, etc other than the first choice in the first place.

If you must try changes of institutions as well, they will only accept you if you choose them as the first choice. The reason is that these universities are so competitive and heavily demanded that they can't offer all their first choice candidates admissions in the first place. Why will they go for the second or third choice applicants? This is why JAMB will not even allow you to choose them at such positions if you attempt to.

Meanwhile, there are other federal universities but usually new and very less competitive, that accept 2nd choice. For example, Federal University Oye Ekiti, Federal University Otupo, etc. These are newly created and they may need more applicants than those we're already used to. Though, they may eventually ignore second-choice candidates if their first-choice candidates are more than they can consider too.

Generally, all state and private universities accept 2nd choice candidates. In other words, you can choose them as your 2nd but not as 3rd choice, during UTME registration or change of institutions.

However, read on ...

List of Universities/Polytechnics that Accept Second/Third Choice for Admission

This is where things get tricky.

Generally, all Nigerian universities and polytechnics want their candidates to consider them as the first choice. You know why?

JAMB will only offer admissions to candidates to schools if they consider them as the first choices. 

In other words, all polytechnics you chose in the 2nd or 3rd place want to give you admission but JAMB requires them to convince you to choose them to the first choice before JAMB will offer you admission to any of them. 

The same is applicable to all universities you chose as the 2nd institutions.

In case you don’t know yet, JAMB is the exams and matriculating body that will process your admission into any school. By this I mean, schools won’t just offer you admission without passing through JAMB’s desk. 

Because JAMB wants to avoid offering admissions to a candidate to two schools, they choose only to give admissions to those candidates who choose those schools in the first positions.

What is Your Fate with Second/Third Choice Now?

Let’s now address the popular concern. Will those polytechnics consider candidates who chose them as second or third choices?

The direct answer is No.

Will My Second/Third Choice School Give Me Admission? See Answer

If those polytechnics you chose at second or third position wanted to offer you admissions, they would eventually convince you to do a change of institution to them and consider them the first choices. This is the true way to convince them and JAMB that you want their admissions and not any other school.

Some of these universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education will even allow you to do their post UTMEs. Yet, they won’t offer you admission until after you had changed them to first choices (even if you merit a space).


Some universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education insist all candidates must take them as the first choices before taking part in their post UTMEs. Such include all federal universities, most state universities, most polytechnics, and most colleges of education.

With this, you can only be able to register for their post UTME after you’d changed them to first choices.

Some institutions open their admission forms (post-UTME/screenings) to any candidate whether they chose them as first, second, or third choice. Some even sell post UTME forms to candidates who didn't choose them at all.

Then after the post UTME registration, or when they are about to offer you admission, they make it compulsory you change them to the first choices. These include the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Osun State Polytechnic, Esa Oke, etc.

Choosing a school as a second or third choice is temporary, you will eventually need to change them to the first choice if you want admissions from them and before JAMB can let you have the admission and admission letter.

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  4. Will I eventually change my poly choice to first choice... I choose iree poly

    1. Yes, if you truly want admission from them. Most schools only consider first choice candidates for their offers.

  5. Please i study science laboratory technology OND, what are my chances to get direct entry admission to study Pharmacy and which school can accept me, please answer needed very urgently, thank you sir.

    1. No school is currently accepting OND SLT for Pharmacy.

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  10. Pls which college of education accept second choice

    1. You can consider any college of education as your second choice. But in reality, it will only offer you admission if you later change it to your first choice.

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  19. Which university accept 150 above in jamb sir

    1. The best way is to be following the post UTME and screening adverts of universities around. Then, you can know if they announce 150 or not. Read the post below for a few of such.

  20. can i chose the poly ibadan as my second choice

    1. You can but they don't accept second choice candidates.

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